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August 12, 2022

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Janine TaysomMay 23, 2016

I listened to Pam Wilson deliver this talk on Mother's Day in our Sacrament Meeting. I sat spellbound as I was struck by the many honest truths she articulated in the most heartfelt and poignant way. She expressed for me what I have frequently experienced: "...a level of joy and pain that you never thought possible....And your heart will be forever entangled around your children's, even if they reject you." I have many hundreds of motherhood stories both devastating and thrilling, having experienced two stillbirths, and having raised one biological son and one adopted son. Today my sons continue to live lives completely opposite of each other--but my love for them is as deep as it ever was. There is physical distance between us, as well as emotional distance, as they pursue their adult lives mostly without me. I knew this day would come. It came, and it makes me sad, and I long for those tender, fun times when they needed me and looked up to me. But the plan all along was for them to grow up, so what am I as a mother to do? Same thing as always: love them unconditionally and love them no matter what, forever and always.

A momMay 22, 2016

Kathy Echols, "They will have become much better than we mothers are..." ---I disagree. We gain experience and growth from doing so which is why we're here and I feel your comment negates that. We, who are mothers in this life, make a lot of sacrifices for our children and mother is not better than another in the Lord's eyes.

Margo NeiderMay 19, 2016

Thank you for a beautiful article.

KimMay 18, 2016

Gread read. Covers Mother's Day for all feelings.

Kathy EcholsMay 18, 2016

Thank you for the article, it really hit home. I spoke on Mother's day this year and in thinking about women who never have the opportunity to have children, realized they are going to be awesome mothers after they die. They will have become much better than we mothers are since we start without much knowledge. I coined the term, Mothers in Embro. I actually am a bit jealous of their future mothering.

Sandie MixaMay 18, 2016

Amazing article. Important and comforting doctrine well presented.

Marcia SmootMay 18, 2016

Thank you...just THANK YOU!



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