March 2, 2021

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IkeMay 23, 2016

I'd bet there's a simpler answer to why the high school teacher didn't allow any questions - he couldn't answer them. Many teachers now learn how to teach, not their subject. They have been sold a bill of goods by the modern education establishment that teaching is more important than knowing what you're teaching. But in the real world, it's like the old song from "The Music Man" says - "You gotta know the territory."

AllenMay 18, 2016

That man was not a teacher. He was a tyrannical egotist who should never have been in a classroom. I had a math teacher similar to him in High School. After he yelled at me and told me I must be stupid for asking too many questions in Algebra, I quit trying. When I got into college, I had to take Algebra over 3 times to pass it.

AnnMay 18, 2016

As my mother would have said, "Hoist by his own petard." Since the student had all the correct answers, did he get a perfect score. I hope that arrogant teacher learned something that day but for some reason, I doubt it.



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