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October 20, 2019

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Cyn LeeMay 21, 2016

TAKE OUR SCHOOLS BACK. Get them OUT-OF-THE-HANDS of Political Ideologies, Lobbyists and Sociopathic Dictators.

Doug BagleyMay 18, 2016

If this isn't evil, or to the naive, opening the door wide open to evil, I don't know what is.

CharlieBrown2292May 18, 2016

What stands behind such measures - and this is why Pres. Obama is supporting them - is the powerful influence of the LGBT Lobby on politicians and public policy. All they want is not fairness but pushing their agenda to eventually ensure that no difference will eventually exist between males and females. Never mind if this can damage very vulnerable people in the process. No one can indeed reasonably argue that seeing a male - transgender or not - erupting into a female bathroom or changing room will not create an overwhelming feeling of insecurity among girls and women. And then, there is the risk of abusers taking advantage of the policy to walk in with the intent to "rinse" their eye - or even worse, molest females. It's all about politics and not at all about common sense, and therefore be fought by the silent majority.

BacherMay 18, 2016

I say gents stay with the gents and ladies stay with the ladies as it always have been. The dummies in power have not stopped to think of the danger allowing men in women's bathrooms could cause, Rape would be at the top of the list. I think they need to re think what they have decided and keep it the way it's always been. Let us keep our privacy without having to worry who's larking around the corner.

LisaMay 17, 2016

Janie I couldn't agree with you more.

KateMay 17, 2016

Make an accommodation by creating a Family Restroom with a locking door, but do not bow to the insanity; males in the mens room, females in the womens room. This is the majority and the majority rules. Or at least it did last time I checked.

Janine GoldhardtMay 17, 2016

After seeing the movie The Abolitionists last night, I am of the opinion that Obama's orders to allow males in girls change rooms and bathrooms, is support to the sex trafficking industry. 2 million innocents in sex slavery, and Obama is not crying over them. And remember Hillary agrees with the unisex bathrooms as well.

NancyMay 17, 2016

This article is inflammatory and fear based. There is no crisis it is fabricated by fear. I work in schools and students have been using bathrooms mostly without incident. take a deep breath and put yourself in the shoes of these kids. And research the American College of Pediatricians...this is an organization from Tennesee that promotes many fear based agendas ,not science.

Peggy SMay 17, 2016

A girl who changes herself to a male with hormone treatment, etc. looks like a man. Would you have this very male looking person with beard etc. walk into the girl's restroom because she was born female? I think there is far too much fear about this situation. Abusers of girls are not men who want to be women, they are men with the desire to abuse the opposite sex, and they do that now.

MicheleMay 16, 2016

I have been checking bathroom stalls for years to ensure they're empty, long before this crisis. I'm not interested now in finding biological males using them. I know perfectly well transgendered persons aren't typically molesters. It doesn't matter. Females are the highrst population of sexually abused people.



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