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September 26, 2020

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David DurfeeMay 11, 2016

Traditional Christians should do a little research. Constantine essentially “flipped a coin” and sided with the Trinitarian view at the Council at Nicea. And he enforced his decision on religious doctrine with an edict that all writings to the contrary be turned in and burned and that anyone who refused to comply was to be executed. Pretty clearly, Constantine didn't much care which view of the nature of God was correct, but he did want just one view to be universally acknowledged as the official view of Christians. Some 1700 years later, most all Christian churches are still Trinitarian, requiring all “proper” Christians to adopt the "three in one" view of God established at swordpoint by Constantine. For me and my house, we choose revelation.

LsheltonMay 11, 2016

As a convert, I can with great conviction, say that the nature of the God we worship is precisely what I knew existed, without ever being taught in my previous faith. I was early involved in a search for that Being and elated to be taught by our young Elders that a Church actually taught these principles. Common ground may be a comfortable place for those who seek our reformation to their beliefs...not so much for us. I am eternally grateful to be a Child of God.

Glen DanielsenMay 11, 2016

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will never "move toward" apostate Christianity. Further, there is no need for the Church to make doctrinal compromises with anyone — the very idea is nuts.

Sasha Bill KwapinskiMay 10, 2016

The Mormon concept of theosis (or of the divine potentiality of man), and of the ultimate fundamental likeness (in kind) of God and man, constitute a profound and powerful affirmation of the inherent dignity and worth of the individual. We, as LDS, should not be hesitant about affirming and "owning up" to those principles. These are some of the teachings which initially attracted me to the Restored Gospel, and make me a member of the LDS Church today. They also are in sharp contrast to the degrading and belittling of the individual often found among fundamentalist Protestants (the notion that we are all just "unworthy," "by nature evil," "miserable sinners." "totally depraved," etc.)



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