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October 19, 2019

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just a thoughtMay 5, 2016

They have gifts and talents and perspective that might surprise you. They have insight and observations that can be helpful. Don't discount them just cause they're not in your same boat. You might actually learn a thing or two and they could be a valuable asset if you just give them the chance.

anonymousMay 5, 2016

Regarding socializing - Please invite us over but realize we may be hesitant to do so in return. It's not that we don't want to but our homes are not childproof and too often I see people not understand this and think the kids are welcome and it just ends up being a stressful situation.

notquiteperfectMay 5, 2016

Leaders need to be sensitive about this when making ht/vt assignments. I often feel like they don't know where to put me and for some time it was very difficult for my husband to go to homes where they had what he longed for.



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