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November 27, 2022

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RebeccaKMay 13, 2016

Another great article! Dave's comment above is absolutely right; bridling our passions doesn't mean we never take them out of the barn! Which is just what I think Bro. Eyre is teaching here. We learn how to make our passions work for us in ways that bring us true joy and lasting glory.

AmyMay 10, 2016

Thanks for sharing this message. It's one of the hardest things to do, to bridle my passions in healthier ways. There's a lot here I'm going to have to re-read and ponder.

DaveMay 4, 2016

One of the problems I see in our use of this metaphor is that we always use it to describe "restraint". In my opinion, it becomes equivalent to "abstinence". It is true that a horse is strong and, if it is not restrained, can be dangerous. On the other hand, a horse that wants to stand in the shade and graze all day will never be useful either. After years in a sexless marriage, I see a whole parallel discussion about how to actively try to direct our passions. Sister Brotherson describes it as some need to "bridle passions" and others need to "awaken passions" as if they are two sides of the same coin. I guess if I were to "further explore" the imagery of "bridling" passions, I would put less emphasis on "restraint", and put more emphasis on actively choosing good.

pammie b.May 4, 2016

thank u...have struggled for years with over eating... half and slow just makes good sense...i also realize i cannot overcome alone... this is bigger than me and my abilities... putting my faith to work... trusting in the love the Savior has for me...believing He is a God of miracles keeps me trying to do better ever day :0)



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