February 28, 2021

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Carol McNewMay 4, 2016

I so believe this - it is something that I learned to do in the last 2 years, but I will also say that it is something that you have continue to work at or doubt and fear will creep in and take that peace away. It isn't a casual thing -- it's daily diligence, like when I'm holding my breath because of something that has just happened, I hear the Spirit whisper -- "exhale -- Be Still and Know that I AM GOD" The peace and calm always prevail when I listen and DO. It teaches us that we ALL have our path to walk and I cannot walk another's path. I can, however, "Love one another as I have loved you."

JohnApril 30, 2016

Excellent words. If someone disagrees with your comments to any extent, it is hard to blame him or her. The concept of Letting Go or in christian terms Putting It In The Lords Hands is not easy to grasp. Worry will always remain an unsustained form of fear and as we know fear will always be the opposite of love. Worry, as you alluded, makes us live in the future or in the past instead of living in the present and that's taking God out of the equation. Thank you again for your inspired comments

JanApril 30, 2016

This is such a great reminder of living with joy and faith. I think it is a process and we learn and practice until our faith is stronger. I'm going to print so I can read again. Very insightful.

RianApril 30, 2016

I have a mental illness and with that comes an anxiety disorder. Often, no matter how badly I want to 'let go and Let God' handle my worries, I simply can't. I try to be grateful for what I have and what He has given me, but it has not taken the anxiety away.

RaphaeleApril 30, 2016

I am a worrier!! I received help from a line from the Russian spy in the movie "Bridge of Spies". He was asked several time by the American Lawyer played by Tom Hanks if he was worried. The spy would look at the lawyer with a questioning look and ask: "Will it help?" Now, that is one of my help phrases along with "Nevertheless" from an article in Meridian by Joni Hilton and "But If Not" from Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego in the Old Testament and from the Miracle of Dunkirk story. Help phrases do seem to assist me in these troubled times.

AnaApril 30, 2016

I love your column! I worry a lot. Recently I looked "worry" in the Book of Mormon and there was only one reference in Alma 42. Alma is telling his son to cease to worry and then gives him a discourse. After I read It I realized that when I worry my thoughts always turn towards the truths of the Restoration (the Plan of Salvation, The Fall, The Atonement, repentance what to expect when I leave this earth, etc.) I know what is like to live without the truths of the Restoration and I rejoice to have found it in my mid forties. When my worries turn me towards these truths and my Savior's Infinite Atonement, am happy, when I don't, I am miserable.

LenaApril 30, 2016

I really enjoyed and agreed with most of your article. Yes, Peter worry is a natural part of life. Affront is a powerful word. I am more in agreement with Joan. God is omnipotent.. I have come to see God as very loving and patient. I have thought he thinks of me like I think of my children while shaking my head saying, "will you ever learn this?" and simultaneously extending arms of love and do we embrace him back? He says, "Will you ever learn that through the atonement I didn't suffer for the total sum of lying in the the world, I didn't suffer for the total sum of cheating in the world that I suffered through an infinite stream of individuals. I know you. I know your life. I know your experiences. I know your hopes, your dreams and your worries. If you will have faith in me, be obedient and take my love and commandments I will heal all in your life." When the storms come in life and they will he will buoy us up and we will have peace.

Linda BrownApril 29, 2016

This article was something I needed to read. It was a reminder to me that conduit of light between me and My Father in Heaven is real and He knows my needs. Fear/worry is the opposite of Faith/Love. I will strive to trust in Him knowing no matter what, it will be ok. Thank you so much for reminding me of these vital truths.

DebbieApril 29, 2016

Such an insightful article. Thank you so much. It gives me food for thought. His Atonement covers it all.

Jilly PratherApril 29, 2016

"Our loving Lord is likely to be the only One who understands most of our problems,..." God understands ALL of our probems, the reasons for them, and the solutions. He's the only one who does.

PeterApril 29, 2016

I'm not sure that experiencing worry in our lives is an affront to God. I think worry, like anxiety, fear, joy, pleasure, etc., is a natural part of life, and we shouldn't feel unnecessary guilt when we feel this essentially natural feeling from time to time. I don't think that worry in life will somehow go away if we are just righteous enough, or if we just worship enough or in the "right" way. Worry is part of life, like so many things, and we can pray for help and strength to get through it.

ShannonApril 29, 2016

Thank you for this...it was for me, today.

Janet GronemanApril 29, 2016

Whew! Thank you so much! I hadn't realized that I was in the same situation, but now I remember - once again - that our Father in Heaven does know everything, that his wisdom is greater than ours, that he loves us all. We just have to drop our burdens at his feet, and thank him for his love. Thank you again!

MaryannApril 29, 2016

Oh, Sister Isackson---Thank you, thank you, thank you! So many of us needed to read those words. What a burden you have lifted for those who will heed your advice. I am certainly going to work on changing my attitude from worry to worship and gratitude. I know if I do this, I WILL have greater peace from the Lord's spirit.

RuthApril 29, 2016

Love this article, thank you.

JohnApril 29, 2016

Thanks so very much for your insight on worry. This will help me. You see, l'm very good at it too!

KayApril 29, 2016

Thank you...this is so well written and the message was very heartfelt. Worry is something my son does often and this saddens me to see this....This message will be passed onto him...God Bless, (Michigan)

Lydia GibbonsApril 29, 2016

I really liked this article. I have seen that as I trust God everything works out in the best way. It's not always easy to let go and not worry but your article reinforces my desire to trust God in all things and not to lean unto my own understanding. Thank you.

JoanApril 29, 2016

I was enjoying the article and completely in agreement with it, because I have experienced things that have led me to the same conclusion of depending on the Lord. However, I can't understand why you said that, "Our loving Lord is likely to be the only One who understands most of our problems, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual", when you had just written a wonderful article explaining how God knows everything, which he does. Why did you say, "most"? Aren't you limiting God?

Lara RobinsonApril 29, 2016

Thank you for your article, it made sense.



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