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Millions Sold - Why? Because It's Made Easier

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November 27, 2022

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RebeccaKMay 13, 2016

I'm so grateful for these articles! I've found that when I want to make a significant lifestyle change, it helps a lot to fill my mind with the principles over and over again. So reading and rereading is helping my mind change the way it thinks about life.

AmyMay 3, 2016

Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to future articles about how to apply this spiritually. I have a few bad habits that are really hampering my progress and happiness, so I hope you'll touch on how the slow down and savour approach can apply to other aspects of my life.

RachelApril 28, 2016

Love how your book addresses the "whole person" not just physical weight.

MerriLeaApril 28, 2016

I have started listening to an audio copy. I am enjoying the perspective and insight and am looking forward to success.

SherylApril 28, 2016

I need to learn to control my "appetite" and how to manage mind, body, and spirit to attain the goal of losing weight. I had a sleeve gastrectomy 3 yrs ago when I had a hernia repair. I lost weight and was down to 169 pounds. Pretty good but the doctor wanted me at 150. But instead of losing another 20, no I gained the 20. I am now at 191 to 194. I do what the dietician tells me but no way will it budge. I also went through a lot of stress, 3 funerals (grandmother, uncle and mother) within 18 months. I need help! I hope you can help me when I win a copy of your book! I hope it is what I need. Thank you for the opportunity.

J A BrownApril 28, 2016

Weight gain is only one symptom of a poor diet and that is not a problem I had. I was not looking for a way to lose weight when I read your diet. I have always been underweight but still was attracted to the idea of my body only craving quality in my food. The first day my husband and I decided to try the diet we enjoyed our food so much more and from the start have only craved quality. What has been a challenge is remembering to drink water first then eat small bites slowly. A habit of rushing through our meals our entire life has been difficult to change. These are the advantages we’ve discovered. Food bill less, not attracted to junk food any longer, think clearer and the best for me is that for the first time I am not constipated. I had tried every known remedy for constipation and they would only work a short time before I fell back into constipation. Who would have guessed that eating slower so my digestive juices would have a chance to actually digest the food would be the answer to many prayers over the years.



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