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March 24, 2023

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Clarke EcholsApril 13, 2016

Perry Marshall is a marketer known world-wide who is an electrical engineer. He has spent over 10 years studying this topic and uses DNA evolution as a means to plan business strategies with great success. He even uses it for hiring people and forming business alliances with stunning results. His stellar book, "Evolution 2.0" totally destroys the theory of Darwinian evolution, replacing it with rapid evolution made possible by the very real intelligence built into DNA. It's the means by which bacteria become antibiotic-resistant, and how many other biological functions operate. His conclusions are incredbile, and it's well worth studying. He also has a website: with compellilng video and other resources on the topic. He's not LDS, but he comes closer to what we know than he realizes. He has also put up a 3-million-dollar reward for anyone who can disprove his analysis and conclusions, and it's a dead-serious challenge that would make the winner very wealthy. Of course, he's totally confident in his position. While developing his conclusion, he engaged atheists in online forums to test his hypotheses, leading to outrage and frustration among his opponents because he has truth on his side and knows it, leaving them quite discombobulated. His website is full of very interesting material that will leave students quite capable of countering the false notions being taught by evolutionary biologists. One devastating conclusion: Darwinian mutations lead to extinction, not to improvement, and takes eons to operate. Evolution 2.0 can occur in mere hours, and is very active in the attacks on the body by bacteria when they encounter an anti-biotic.



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