January 21, 2021

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Karla BurkhartApril 12, 2016

You've done it again! I love reading what you write. It makes me sorry I didn't save the things you wrote long ago. I guess we all need to have newly wed horror stories about apartments. We were in Provo but off campus housing can be really "creepy". I am, right now, resting in our room in Bangkok. We discovered a shopping mall that is not only air conditioned, much, much cheaper than Phuket, but has a huge food court.

OliviaApril 11, 2016

this was so funny! I enjoyed this and your other article as well. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully you wrote some honest reviews for that place so that others know what they're getting into.

Bob SiskApril 11, 2016

I've read and enjoyed your writings for years now and this ranks amongst the best of them. In fact, once when I hadn't seen any posts from you for a while I almost decided to drop Meridian all together. Fortunately, I didn't do that.Just a suggestion if I may: since you've already written one book maybe you could do a series of them with the same title, just ending with different words. One obvious choice for a second title would be, "So You Think You're Too Poor To Get Married".Love your work, Bob Sisk Chandler, Arizona



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