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September 26, 2020

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Matthew GrayApril 30, 2016

Thank you Sis. Thomas! I was one of your missionaries in the Mendoza Argentina mission (1995-1997). I have had a new calling for about two years and ever since, the Lord has been waking me up an hour or two earlier than I would otherwise have gotten up. Many times I have fought it and just laid in bed trying to get back to sleep - wasting the time to ponder. However, many times I have gotten up and have had a great time pondering. The Lord has blessed me with the inspiration I need for the day. Recently, I have been more successful at getting up - this morning is one of those times and coming across your article has confirmed his desire for me. Thank you for continuing to teach and bless your missionaries. Tell Pres. Thomas hello for me. Love, Matt (Elder Gray)

Sarah in nzApril 9, 2016

Looking forward to the next instalment !

DwynApril 9, 2016

After reading your article I quieted my mind and looked down the hall. Instead of seeing the pale blue walls that have so depressed me for months in our new house, I saw --- the golden glow of our dining table/chairs, file cabinet and all the picture frames in the living room. What a difference a mind-set makes.

Andrew CarrilloApril 8, 2016

Thank you, Ms. Thomas for making a strong argument about the importance of Being and not simply Doing. Culturally too many of us become wrapped around the axle of 'am I Doing enough to lose myself in the service of others', all the while missing out on the spiritual value of 'Being present or mindful' to Christ's presence already within us and about us which comes when following the admonition to 'be still, and know that I am God'.



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