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May 30, 2023

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Sonia FranciscoMay 27, 2016

I know so many people who have opted for surgery as a way to control their appetites. I am determined not to go that route, so I am so grateful for these articles.

NancyatChoicesApril 22, 2016

I have always eaten slow and now can see that it is a benefit. I will use it to my advantage. I need to be fully aware of what I am eating and be mindful of it.

RachelApril 18, 2016

I would love to wind a copy of this book to share with my family and friends. Your approach makes so much sense. Thanks!

RachelApril 18, 2016

I really like your idea of bridling our appetites

RachelApril 18, 2016

great ideas!

RebeccaKApril 15, 2016

This makes so much sense. And I'm really glad to hear that it's worked for so many people!

bonshirleyApril 14, 2016

This makes perfect sense. I have a friend who does this to keep her weight in check after having lost about 50 pounds. She has successfully eaten this way for over a year now.

VelineApril 13, 2016

Can't wait to read the book. I've always believed in "eat less, move more" as the most effective way to lose weight; now I want to know how to engage the brain in the process.

NancyApril 6, 2016

Well, now there's egg (maybe only half?) on my face, and I can see that I spoke way too quickly after missing the first articles in the series! Please excuse my foolishness! And if you want to delete my peevish previous comment, please feel free to do so!

AmyApril 6, 2016

I really liked your explanation for how to do the half diet. I'm thinking about getting rid of my larger plates and looking for new, smaller ones.

Joan P LoftersApril 6, 2016

When the last of my six boys left home, I went to a smaller plate size and had smaller helpings. I have been a bit of a health conscious person so I ate healthily. I found that I lost the weight I carried and within a short time I was down to a size 8. I did not deprive myself of dessert but had a small portion and moved away from the table. Overall, I lost 40 lbs. I feel great. Did not know it was the Half Diet. It works.

MissourigirlApril 6, 2016

Great article and dietary advice!

MissourigirlApril 6, 2016

I want to win a free copy of this book. This article makes 100% common sense and sounds so easy. Most of us eat way too fast and our portion sizes are now dictated by outside forces not our inner body cues.



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