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August 19, 2022

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AnonMarch 28, 2016

My youngest granddaughter was born two months prematurely by emergency caesarean, and has since been diagnosed as autistic. Shortly after her birth, she was given a blessing by the bishop, who revealed that our Heavenly Parents had agonised over the decision to allow her to proceed into mortality under these circumstances and that she had stood before Them and declared her willingness to continue with the birth process. A later blessing also revealed that she knew there would be consequences to her premature birth, but she was willing to accept these and come to the family for which she was intended. This taught us a great truth, that we do not enter our mortal lives unknowing and ignorant of the risks and blessings that can be ours if we are faithful. My little granddaughter demonstrated the strength of her spirit before the moment of her birth, and she is a delight and a joy to us, her family. That strength of spirit will carry her through the challenges of her life and I am sure she will eventually win through to gain her reward.



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