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February 8, 2023

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Sonia FranciscoMay 27, 2016

Balancing the temporal with the spiritual seems very natural and a sound principal.

GaleApril 28, 2016

These are habits that I want to implement starting today. Each week I will evaluate where I am and in 21 days I will have new habits.

NancyatChoicesApril 22, 2016

As I get older, I find that my appetite is less and it is easier for me to just eat half. I feel satisfied and seem to have as much energy as I need to do the things I do.

RachelApril 18, 2016

Love the wonderful suggestions on decreasing the amount we eat - and increasing our enjoyment of it! Looking forward to sharing your printed book with my family and friends. Thanks!

RebeccaKApril 15, 2016

I'm wondering if you cut ALL of the foods you eat by half, including the obviously healthy ones? Like, only half a banana? Or half as many carrot sticks? I'm really excited to try this.

VelineApril 13, 2016

I'm with Amy; I already eat much less meat than I used to. How do we not feel deprived?

MissourigirlApril 6, 2016

Great article and I love the scriptural references. I've been trying to adhere to a whole food plant based diet but it can be challenging in our American food culture. Thanks for the inspiration

Cheryl PanisiakMarch 24, 2016

I read your article on the Half Diet with much interest as I feel that I follow the WOW fairly well. For many years of my life, I was low meat eater and ate a lot of grains, pulses and fresh produce/fruit. Then I was diagnosed as a diabetic after a lengthy illness and it all changed. Pulses in very small amounts(1/2 cup) or suffering blood sugar spikes was the most difficult and people look at me quizzically when that is my answer when asked if I miss anything. I guess they are expecting me to say sweets but no it's chili, lentil soup and Scandinavian style whole yellow pea soup. I try my best to keep my carbs in check and have tweaked my diet to where I am comfortable with it. I also lost seventy pounds a while ago before the diagnosis just by getting more active and watching what I ate. With this half diet, I am choosing to eat more salads as carbs as fruit needs to be limited but I do enjoy my three per day. I also eat veggies and hummus(another thing I miss in larger amounts) as a snack as I need to balance proteins to slow carb absorption. I do try my best to chew my food well and taste the flavors as I am a scratch cook mostly and work hard on my flavor profiles. It really does work and you do feel satisfied with less. I did have a diet soda issue at first as I felt it was one of the few things I could have without guilt(I did have some emotional issues re the diagnosis) in very limited quantities but knew the aspartame was not good. Then I found Zevia soda...stevia is my sweetener choice...and never looked back. I have also found some other stevia sweetened juices which taste like the real thing and allow myself one glass a day as a treat. I know it's not real juice but the real stuff is pure sugar and only for emergencies. The way I have chosen to eat half of what I normally would is to have a lighter breakfast with no toast(one of my standards) and instead have plain yogurt sweetened with cinnamon, a mashed banana and an appropriate amount of trail mix/no sugar cereal. I have limited amounts of starches as well and while I like them, have decided that it does no harm to cut those in half as well as long as I have enough carbs from veggies/fruit to make up the difference in a meal/snack. I feel this insight you have had is a real blessing to many and I thank you for it!

Margaret JMarch 24, 2016

Since you are referencing The Word of Wisdom, I hope you aren't going to gloss over D&C 89:10, which says of meat, "And it is pleasing unto me that they should not be used, only in times of winter, or of cold, or famine."

AmyMarch 23, 2016

I have a question about halving my meal. Is this just for when you're eating out or for at home? If at home, would it be like, instead of taking two scoops of rice, take one? As an example, often I already halve my chicken breast when I eat it. If I halve the half, I'm going to feel really deprived.



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