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August 12, 2022

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Richard MangumMarch 25, 2016

This is really reading between the lines, and great job bringing this to my (our) attention. I've often wanted a good lesson/example on attitude and now I have it. Thanks. I believe there are many more instances in the Book of Mormon where we can pause and let the spirit guide our understanding of what's "between the lines" so to speak. We know that the plates were precious and few so the writing was somewhat abridged. Haven't you, at times, wondered what led up to certain happenings covered in the BofM?

MikeyMarch 24, 2016

saw bumper sticker that said "stop global whining". one of nephi's descendants no doubt.

Laura GaskinsMarch 24, 2016

I saw this article this morning, and having just restarted reading the Book of Mormon yesterday, decided to include it in my daily scripture study. Between making that decision and actually getting around to studying, I had a few minor irritations that I allowed to make me a little grumpy. But, as I prepared to read and study, I prayed that I would be able to push past my resentment and feel better. I don't know why it took me as long as it did to make the connection, but as I was reading the article and thinking about good old Nephi and the example he was, it hit me that my attitude was the very source of my grumpy mood and that I would be hard pressed to get a more direct answer to my prayers than an article on Attitude! So thank you for sharing what you learned and helping me see it too :)

Linda HMarch 24, 2016

This will be our FHE for next week. Thank you!

Dalila WeissMarch 24, 2016

Excellent article!



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