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June 6, 2023

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R G KingMarch 25, 2016

Luckily God is still in His heaven and will do as He does to move us to do our part in His plan. On our knees may suffice us better than fists raised? Says I to myself between worry and mistrust of the present state of our country milling around thinking time we must do?

M HutchinsonMarch 23, 2016

Beware of false prophets...goggle YouTube Rafael will see they think they will make Cruz a king and gain all of the wealth....he lies, changes positions a lot more than Trump...will say anything he thinks people want to the North American Union...Heidi Cruz is part of it...a take over of this what you really want.???...Pres. Benson warned us about him...are your eyes shut???

Pamela SmithMarch 22, 2016

This author explains well what is happening presently:

MaryMarch 21, 2016

Bill, who wrote on the 19th, you hit the nail right on the head. Trump is the only one who could beat Hillary, if she isn't in prison before then for her e-mail problems. The old game of "Divide and Conquer" is in full swing. This is the most crucial election, in my opinion, that has ever been. American is dead if the Dem's get in, just remember that.

Sam SkousenMarch 21, 2016

Donald demonstrates these negatives, but as others note, why all this support? Donald does not yet have a lock on the nomination with Ted Cruz still coming up. He has a shot to snatch the nomination. Let's not allow a brokered convention, as that puts the nomination in the hands of the power brokers who, by nature, only look out for themselves. We are at the point that Joseph prophesied that the constitution would hang by a thread and if it was to be save, it would be by the Elders of Israel. Rise up O Zion!

TeresaMarch 21, 2016

I agree with Robert. We clearly have no choice here - Trump or Hillary, really? My candidate was intelligent enough to drop out weeks ago, but it wasn't because he wasn't trying. I think he realized that the masses have been blinded and no longer seek or even recognize liberty. It makes me want to pull my hair out! I feel as though this country is in a free fall.

Mark DonaldsonMarch 21, 2016

I am not a Trump fan. I am going to vote for Ted Cruz. However, if Trump becomes the "Conservative" nominee I will back him. No one knows if any of the Republican candidates can beat Hillary but the larger issue is the appointment of another Liberal Supreme Court judge. Everyone needs to ultimately rally around the Republican nominee. This election is about a President and a Judge. Do what will create the best alternative in both cases.

BobMarch 21, 2016

I do not like Trump or his occasionally over the top bombast. I would have preferred Rubio, Cruz would be OK. That said anybody, I repeat anybody, short of Stalin, Mao or Hitler, would be better than Clinton. Her husband was a moral leper and she is no better. The US needs strict constructionists in the USSC, more like Scalia than Ginsburg. A populist president would be good for a change.

JimMarch 21, 2016

The Republican Party already lost it soul when they say one thing and once in office vote like a Democrat. Hatch is a good example of this. Trump is not my first pick but do we want a socialist or a liar and a cheat to be in office. Do you really want 8 more years of Obama policies. At least Trump will put in conservative judges and that will matter many more years than a Trump presidency.

Robert PowellMarch 21, 2016

The Comments are insightful as the article, but they were all over the place. I am from Texas and we voted for Senator Cruz, who completely knows and loves the Constitution and for which it stands. What if there is enough civility left between Trump & Cruz, so if Trump is allowed to represent the Republican Party, that he nominate Senator Ted Cruz to become the next Supreme Court Justice and become the perfect replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia. And we have to admit that the “Republican Establishment” has immensely let us down. Their current status quo, and made me more determined to push for “term limits.” And as for the Islam religion, unlike the LDS Church that as it grows in size it becomes a greater Force for Good, wherever our roots are planted. But wherever the Islam religion plants its roots and grows in numbers, they become a Force for Ill. I am for any religion that teaches its people the Lord’s Golden Rule, but the ideology of this religions wants to eliminate instead of assimilate. A very large majority of Muslims would prefer their Sharia Law over our Divinely Inspired Constitution. Please come to know this great American, Brigitte Gabriel. What happen in her previous country of Lebanon will happen here if we do not have the right people in place in our government at the right time. Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration (2011) (49:41)

Chris KiteMarch 21, 2016

Let's see if someone other than Trump emerges ... perhaps in a brokered convention. If Trump is the nominee, I am ready for a third party. Raised as a Goldwater Republican, socially liberal and fiscally conservative, I am used to losing big while setting the stage for future changes. Goldwater set the stage for Reagan. Lincoln rose from 6th place to the nominee in a brokered convention.

James HansenMarch 21, 2016

Surely we can believe the words of a democrat lawyer who spouts media lies mixed with some truth. Yes, 8 more years of ignoring the constitution, and shipping our enemies to many American cities will continue with abandon if we elect more hand wringers singing kumbaya. Think it over. The devil you know or someone who might be a bad boy....or not so bad. Yes we need more people who want to bankrupt America. Move over Greece, hello Zimbabwe. Inflation- r - US. Vote socialist. Hello Cuba

MichelleMarch 20, 2016

Newsflash. Conservative Republocans have already lost! Especially if they think their only choice now is Trump or Hillary. If you don't like Trump why the heck do you vote for him? Vote for Tex Cruz

Dave Las VegasMarch 20, 2016

Don't estimate The Donald and don't paint him in too much of a box. He might just surprise us what he can really do. I agree that we can pretty easily find negatives to persuade our thoughts but NOTHING in my opinion is worse than Hillary. And Trump may well beat her without the disorganized perplexed somewhat self-righteous Republicans. The world runs on money. The US almost indiscriminately gives tons of money to every government that holds its hand out. Trump will stop the give-away and get our soaring debt under control (I believe) and can cut through a lot of problems that the Republicans can't and won't tackle. May ruffle a few feathers along the way. Good. It needs a serious shakeup. We still have a check and balance system - challenged by O'Bama but the remnants are there and I don't see Trump as a dictator but the potential revivalist necessary to generate real change. Without that change were done financially and possible in various ways......Just a thought from a Democrat who thinks the Democrats are sneaky liars and Republicans are too stupic to catch them or do anything about it......

VeraMarch 20, 2016

*YAWN* Haters gonna hate. Where is your article on Hillary - or the article about the Republican party which is TEARING ITSELF APART right now (like they've done the last multiple elections)? A party divided is weak. It's time to bring the party together and for the Candidates to DO what they SAID THEY WOULD DO. UNITE under the forerunner.

Tad M BeroMarch 20, 2016

Trump is the man, none of the others have ever created a job. They had control of the house and senate for the last 2 years and still side with Obama. It's a good old boys club and we aren't members and never will be. Trump brought out all the things we have been fuming about for many years and we only got lip service from the Democrats and Republicans.

Gary CrosbyMarch 20, 2016

I'm quite surprised at this author's reasoning. I am a businessman and have looked at Trump through various lenses. I am convinced that we need him now rather than anyone else. It is far to late to pony up a third-party puppet candidate. Really now, who is trying to destroy the party with threatening a brokered convention? Also, I don't find much of this author's reasoning to be accurate. Elections, especially primaries, have historically been mean-spirited for the most part. We will heal as party if we will but come together and support the front runner who is the only one who can now win. It is true indeed that much rhetoric is part of such a political environment. I think this rhetoric is "better" supplied by some than others. Don't get discouraged because one does supply this better than others at this point in time. I have noticed how the far left has taken little snippets of Trump's words and have truly twisted and exaggerated them. We as an LDS group know better than most how things taken out of context can hurt. Don't be deceived by this exaggeration. Stating that Trump, for example, is a racist is blatantly false. Yet, this statement is used over and over by the left. Other exaggerations and falsehoods were even repeated by Mr Romney. His rehtoric only further divides us. Trump is our best bet Utah. I see your latest polls and at this point in time it is time to get on the band wagon. You can feel confident that he is our candidate without even having to plug your nose.

RyanMarch 20, 2016

The author fails to address the reason Trump has such a following. Those who don't support Trump struggle with the reason he is so popular. His supporters are not cheering his record, character or personality. His supporters look to the Republican and Democratic party, as a combined elite class that have created an atmosphere of contempt against citizens as the problem. Our government is broken! Career politicians care nothing for the lives of the voters and don't even consider what they may want. Instead they add burdens upon the backs of the people without a single care for the impact. The majority placed the Republicans in the majority in congress and governorships and were sadly ignored again, even abused. Trump followers are not voting in support of Trump, he is simply the rallying point for the destruction of what we have now, which is a government that seems like it can't get worse, but consistently does. Stop threatening voters with the destruction of the party or the republic, as that is what they seek. Time to hit the reset button. Even a President Trump can't be worse than what we have had for the past 2 decades.

BK DeetsMarch 20, 2016

What shall it profit the Republican Party to win an election, and lose its republican soul? Supreme Court justices for one; and they will support Republican principles for decades!

Ken WrightMarch 19, 2016

I would have voted for just about anyone running in the Republican field to beat a Democratic nominee -- but, folks, we're a bit late to be grandstanding against Trump. Whether one thinks he represents Republicanism or not, the party is about to destroy itself if it denies the will of the millions of Republicans, Independents, and cross-over Democrats who have put him substantially in the lead. He has successfully kindled the deserved ire of a populace from all walks of life who are fed up with the Republican-led impotent congress. We are witnessing the rapid destruction of our country and that ought to be more important than worrying about whether Trump will do damage to the Republican party!

StevenMarch 19, 2016

The article is spot on! You ask who then? It is obvious. Ted Cruz stands for and has fought for the constitution and its principles. You want someone who will uphold the republic by reestablishing the constitution and the limits it places on the government. Trump is the exact opposite of that and never do you hear him saying he will uphold the constitution. I want someone we can trust and Ted is that man! Go Cruz!

LukeMarch 19, 2016

I completely disagree with this author. He makes absolutely no sense based on real world politics. Obama is the flagrant fouler who never gets whistled for a technical and seems to ignore the rule of law and the constitution.

Sharon RoyerMarch 19, 2016

Sometimes we should read what how our founding fathers behaved, there are positives that Trump brings to the table over throw PC, defend our borders, vets those who want to come here, not afraid to use our common sense, we are not all perfect, As we read the scriptures we learn that the Lord used all kinds of people to bring about his work... I say Pray for Trump he is Not the S.O.P., he is a natural man, the other side is ruled by the S.O.P. a few things you might not know about Trump he is a student of Normal Vince Peal, who acknowledge his power of positive thinking is through Jesus Christ, now if we do not have the true Church in our lives we can wonder off the trail... Also his first nanny for his children was LDS and for some reason Trump keeps the Word of Wisdom. So I say pray for him that the Lord can open his mind to the rest of the story. It would be nice to see a Trump Cruz ticket, and after the mess is cleanup, then Ted Cruz for president but in the end it is what the Lord feels we deserve.

CHARLIEBROWN2292March 19, 2016

In 2002, French President Chirac won the second round of the Presidential elections with 82.2% of the votes, because the French were given no other alternative, except voting for his "Neo-Nazi-like" opponent Jean-Marie Le Pen. Hopefuly, the American people will chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, not necessarily because Mrs. Clinton stands as the best possible candidate for the Presidency, but because she presents far better garanties to respect the country's democratic institutions.

BILLMarch 19, 2016

The conservative republican party will lose to Hillary if Trump is not the republican candidate. I am an American first before conservative or Republican. A vote against Trump is a vote for Hillary. Our country is finished if Hillary wins. She will not beat Trump!

JohnMarch 19, 2016

The author claims that polls say Trump cannot beat Clinton. What do the polls say about Cruz or Kasich beating Clinton? I think they don't have a chance since they can't even win an election within their own party. The chances of them winning a national election are nil. It seems that the Republican establishment, unfortunately now including Romney, have decided that they would rather have Clinton as president than to have Trump as president.

ReedMarch 19, 2016

In March when Reagan was running he was 20 pts behind Carter but look what happened. Trump can beat Hillary for sure. The establishment is trying to deny thousands of voters -- their choice: Trump. Let it play out the way it should and Trump will unify the party and beat Hillary!

Nadine AndertonMarch 19, 2016

Excellent analysis. The problem is getting the populace of the Republic of the United States to have access to it. Right now it seems that those who present such valuable information are "preaching to the choir" - the people who already understand and embrace anti-Trumpism or are intelligent and patriotic enough to recognize the truth if they are exposed to it. I fear for the future of our way of life with so many people falling for Trump's brand of authoritarianism, and the alternative being a criminal or a Socialist! Pray for Cruz, who gets it and loves the Republic!

Leonard PurnellMarch 19, 2016

The Republicans better listen to the people's voice. There is discontent and frustrations out there because the government and in this case the repulicans have NOT down what they said they would do so now you have GREAT discontent. You had better listen to the people votes and try some good negotiations because the republican representatives has not worked. People are upset . Do you NOT HEAR them sing??

John JonesMarch 19, 2016

If the polls consistently show Trump losing to Clinton, what do they say about Cruz or Kasich losing to Clinton. These men are not able to win in their own party, let alone in the national election! The Republican establishment, which now unfortunately includes Mitt Romney, would rather have Hillary than Donald.

robertMarch 19, 2016

And your recommendation is?

DonMarch 19, 2016

As an Independent, I hope you will also " tell-it-like-it-is " on the ' facts ' about Hillary for fair and unbiased balance. We shall see.

Lee SheppardMarch 19, 2016

Great article. It is vital that we look at the bigger picture of what we are defending. I was sad to see the comment someone posted that Trump is a "European Populist". What an odd comment. It reflects a national arrogance and lebelling of other nations that Trump himself does so well. The US has a strong history of populist politicians, just like all countries. See:

StephenMarch 19, 2016

Excellent article. Keep up the good work!!

ColinMarch 18, 2016

Right on the money. I know there are some in the Church who support him, feeling (as I do not) that things have gone too far and require more radical measures to restore the balance and protect the country physically and economically. But by handing Trump the keys of the White House, we could lose critical parts of some of our basic institutions that have taken generations to establish. Think Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, Juan Peron. And the sad thing is, if we sell our birthright for his mess of pottage, we won't even get the pottage. Trump couldn't deliver. His consistent pattern of knee-jerk reactions and off-the-cuff claims without plan or support would leave the country in a shambles within the first year.

Jessica WhitakerMarch 18, 2016

Trump is a European populist.



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