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November 20, 2019

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AlisaMarch 3, 2016

It may be a good thing, I suppose....yet...not when he is successful with blinding those you love into making bad decisions and it affects you 100%. Example, marrying in the temple, only to find out that he married you for the green card and was so abusive and turns it around and puts it on you. Finding out and understanding that you accepted the deception because you dealt with the same kind of abuse in your own family even when they are all active members of the church. I now wish that I had understood more about Satan's tactics.....a long time ago...when I was younger. It would have been easier to make other choices.

Harmon LawlerMarch 3, 2016

"They say you can only count on two things: Death and taxes. But there's actually a third thing, and that's Satan trying to trip you up, just when you feel you are finally making progress." Substitute "government" for "Satan" in that quote, and what do you get? TAXES! :)

Eileen Steed IllumMarch 2, 2016

We can count on our Savior's love and support!



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