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November 27, 2022

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Sonia FranciscoMay 27, 2016

Ah, finally the author behind Dr. Bridell revealed. My husband and I had fun guessing whether you weremale or female. Turns out to be a husband/wife team. Perfect.

NancyatChoicesApril 22, 2016

I will commit to give this a try. I want to be healthy and happy. Being overweight takes a lot of energy. Thanks for doing this.

RachelApril 18, 2016

great "habits" to help lose (and never find) excess weight. I appreciate the added benefit of taking control of your eating and health.

Sunbeam16April 14, 2016

Such an awesome idea. I need to read the book I guess to see what the suggestions are for eliminating snacking! (since that's my real problem!)

VelineApril 13, 2016

We have been on a couple cruises, and have to agree totally with this. We always take the stairs (lots of stairs to get to the gym, which is usually on a top deck!), aim for 30 minutes in the gym on sea days, lots of walking in any port, and don't go crazy with the abundance of food . . . and while we probably haven't lost weight, we haven't gained any as people have told us was inevitable.

RebeccaKApril 12, 2016

The simplicity makes this very appealing. With a brother's wedding coming up and moving my family across the country at about the same time, I despaired of getting any weight loss until after we are all settled in our new home. But this? This I can do.

MissourigirlApril 6, 2016

Great advice. I lol forward to learning more.

Sara JMarch 23, 2016

At age 74 and at least 30lbs over weight, I need to get started on this diet. I'm not so sure I can do the arobic exercise, but I can walk each morning. And if I'm already into this schedule, I should have no problem staying on it when I take my first cruise to Alaska in June! Thanks for the info and encouragement!

AmyMarch 23, 2016

I'm looking forward to reading this series. I'm trying to increase my time at the gym and want to learn to love sweating but one of my big problems is food - what I eat and how much of it!

ErinMarch 18, 2016

I actually was just thinking if I could just eat less of what I like, and do a little more activity I would lose some weight. So I think I will give your version a try and see how I do.

Nanette ReimerMarch 16, 2016

This makes so much sense to me! Starting tomorrow I will try implementing the first two steps and maybe even the third! I can take small steps and I can do hard things!!

Margaret JMarch 16, 2016

I have regularly lost weight on cruises because of all the stair-climbing and going from one end of the ship to the other to get to places. The last couple of times, though, I wasn't well enough to climb more than one or two flights of stairs at a time because of asthma...and gained weight! Eek! While cruising I usually ask for double the salad and other vegetables, and sometimes a half-order or appetizer-size order of very rich foods like fettuccine alfredo. The bread and butter are my downfall, though, because we normally don't have them at the table except on holidays when we're at home. Lately I accomplish the "only eat half" portion of this equation by using a smaller luncheon plate instead of a dinner plate, and limiting myself to one serving of everything except vegetables.

JoAnnMarch 9, 2016

Great concept! My husband and I usually order an extra salad and split the entre when we eat out. We should start doing that at home!

KotkatMarch 9, 2016

This sounds like a smart way to eat meals, but it was never meals that caused me to gain weight - it's all the between-meals time.

BrendaMarch 9, 2016

I agree with Kathie. So much of today's pressure and dealing with daily stress can make us ask 'am I worth it? - is it worth it?' That is just the adversary isn't it, suggesting to us that we will fail --- again? I am going to make the effort! I once went to dinner with my uncle (who was single at the tine) and he requested a take out box when he placed his order (Olive Garden). He divided his meal in half before he even took a bite for his dinner the next day! Why Not(?) it is double what we should be eating in one sitting!

Donna RuckeMarch 9, 2016

Your idea has given me new incentive. I lost a hair over 40 lbs last year. Health issues brought about cortisone injections preceding two surgeries I'm now recuperating from plus another likely very soon. I put 17 of my loss back in. Extremely discouraging!!! I'm going to start today and follow your articles and see where it takes me. Thanks for the needed boost.

mary janeMarch 2, 2016

Even for people over 80, your diet makes sense.

Dell HillMarch 2, 2016

Thank you for this great article. It helps to remind me how "simple " it really is to lose weight and stay (or get) healthy. In 2012, my wife Deni Hill, was the At Home Winner of The Biggest Loser. Two weeks before she won she went on a 7 day cruise. In order to continue to lose she did pretty much what you are recommending, eat less, exercise, create accountability. Thanks again for a great article and a great reminder.

KathieMarch 2, 2016

This is a wonderful idea and practice.. I am struggling with making sure that I know that I am worth the time that this takes with the ensuing stress of my current position and the uncertainty in the future



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