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May 20, 2022

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Alan CrickmoreMarch 6, 2016

Oh, the fulling of prophesy. 2 Nephi 28: 22 "And behold, others he flattereth away, and telleth them there is no hell; and he sayeth unto them: I am no devil, for there is none --and thus he whispereth in their ears, until he grasps them with his awful chains, from whence there is no deliverance." Scholars may like to dance with the devil but remember it is a chain dance that I would rather avoid.

Richard McElroyMarch 1, 2016

You seem to have missed what separates us Mormons from those who use the Holy Bible only. We can use ALL scriptures the Lord has given to us. Moses chapter 4, in The Pearl of Great Price, explains simply and clearly how and why Satan became who he is, All the ancient religions whose teachings conflict with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ have bits and pieces of the original truths and are not to be faulted for the errors. They were deceived. Trying to prove something using only one or two books when more are available for clarification seems counter-productive and can only lead to more disputation.

Debra WoodsMarch 1, 2016

Lehi and Nephi and Jacob all had expansive visions, only a small part of which are detailed in the Book of Mormon. It seems limiting to refer to the Bible in any of the translations we have of it currently as the only source of information these prophets, seers and revelators had available to them while referring to Lucifer, Satan or the evil one. First of all, latter-day revelation tells us that many plain and precious parts of the scriptures are lost to us by design of the very character we are referring to. Second of all, it isn't much of a stretch to consider that clarity on this matter might have come directly through divine tutelege which Lehi and sons were so richly blessed, only a small part of which we are aware. If the scope of this article is only based on biblical study and cultural/historic research, OK, but it seems, as I said, very limiting to think that is all there is to it.



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