January 26, 2021

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anonFebruary 6, 2016

Husbands are not the only ones. Wives can be dominant also, and can dominate a conversation, interrupt, and "best over" the husband. Men, as well as women..., like to express a little, and can feel quite suppressed in that. My only point is that I think the idea that husbands are the bad guys" as to communication and dominance has been overdone for years. It has been largely automatically assumed that any problem is due to an insensitive guy, with a sensitive wife. That presumption becomes a bit discouraging. A better choice is to seek out what the truth is, and advocate the teachings of Christ and the New Testament as to communications and kindness; quote relevant scripture, Above all, teach and learn good listening habits.

Erik HansenFebruary 5, 2016

Ideas (especially spiritual ones) being immediately put down was a sign of low self-esteem among everyone in my beautiful but dysfunctional family. It eventually was recognized using the blessing of: “persuasion, long-suffering, gentleness, meekness, and by love unfeigned,” -- but for us the damage was done. Those perfect words were penned by someone who really knew about esteem problems leading to contention.

CharlieBrown2292February 5, 2016

President Spencer W. Kimball advised from personal experience against young couples dwelling in the same house as their parents. I also witnessed so many couples being faced with serious challenges because of that, including my own Grandparents. The wisest and simplest solution is therefore for this couple to just move away from the place where the mother lives, or risk seeing their relationship deteriorate -- which is less costly?! I bet that current marital issues they are being faced with will melt away like snow in the warm sunshine as a result, without need for counseling or expert advice.



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