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May 19, 2022

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Charles l. GarnerJune 3, 2019

I enjoyed the information. What would the value of the 1851 Danish B of M be ? Thanks , Charlie

Joyce WinterMarch 20, 2019

Dear Sir; I was referred to you by a worker at the Church History Museum.I have inherited the following books and would appreciate an appraisel of them. I want to insure them if need be or sell them. I would be willing to pay you for this. 1. First Edition 1851 copy of the Book of Mormon, Danish. 2."Sacred Hymns and Spiritual Songs from the 1800's. 3. "The Voice of Warning" by Parley P. Pratt in Danish 1855. 4."Salmer" 1875 in Danish. This looks like Hymns or poems. 5. Bible in Danish, 1878 I live in Kaysville, Utah so I would be able to bring these books to you if you think you can help me.

Kay AndersonFebruary 3, 2016

You may have given a few owners of an 1852 German Book of Mormon a start. I believe you intended to limit it to the ones that were printed in German and French side by side. The 1852 Das Buch Mormon itself is far less valuable.

KevinJanuary 31, 2016

What are Kirtland Bank Notes signed by Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon worth?

JemaJanuary 29, 2016

Very interesting. Thank you.

Karen HaeringJanuary 29, 2016

Bravo! I enjoyed this so much! Can't wait for the fireside Februsry 1. Amazing information shared . Thank you !

Ted JonesJanuary 29, 2016

For comparative purposes only, here are some notes from late 19th century newspapers about the value, at that date, of first editions of the Book of Mormon. 1872 1st edition of Book of Mormon sells for $52.00 Millennial Star 34 (1872): 703 1877 Millennial Star 39. 35 (August 27, 1877): 549-550. From Deseret News FORTY DOLLARS FOR THE BOOK OF MORMON “In the catalogue of scarce and valuable books on sale by Edward Nash, successor to William Gowans, bookseller, New York, is a copy of the first American edition of the Book of Mormon, priced at $40 1892 Deseret Semi-Weekly News 27. 36 Friday, May 27, 1892 The ‘Mormon’ Bible. ‘G.W. Fuller, of this place, is the possessor of an old Mormon Bible. The particular edition which he owns has long been out of print. A short time ago, while looking over the outside pages of the Volunteer he perchanced to find an article wherein it was stated that Mormon Bibles of a certain edition were worth $200. (page 4) Ted Jones

John KammeyerJanuary 28, 2016

Just a nagging curiosity--the Italian member who found a copy of the Book of Mormon, minus cover, in an ash barrel in 1910. Has anyone figured out what edition it was?



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