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September 26, 2021

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MomJanuary 28, 2016

This is such a real question, especially in LDS cultures where it is expected you go on a mission, go to BYU, get married in the temple, have a beautiful wonderful family.....if you have a son that does not fit this mold, that DOES have issues, where you have tried EVERYTHING, where you spent a Harvard Education of $$ sending him away, and in mid twenties, uneducated, working at an embarrassing place....we can not live with him. Girlfriends have left/dropped him. We have had to cut him off financially. He does not communicate with us much. He doesn't shower every day. His place is filthy. We did not raise him to be like this.

BenJanuary 22, 2016

I definitely appreciate this article, mostly because I'm dealing with serious depression issues right now and everybody seems to treat me like I'm the described "guy" above... However, I feel that this is rather incomplete as it doesn't address the difference and struggles that go along with severe depression episodes. A major difference is that in depressed or anxiety ridden individuals, they care too much and are likely hyper-aware that there situation needs to change. This can have disastrous consequences for someone who is depressed if they are treated as if they are selfish. In fact, often times they are selfless to a fault and continuously beat themselves up for it. The concern I have here, is over-categorizing the depressed individual. It's rather key in the selfish individual described in this article, that they would rather go out and play with others rather than quietly ruminate... I know how horrible this is for me and I hate to think that others out there will be further harmed through being further categorically judged.

KariJanuary 22, 2016

I love this response! Many problems seem to present in the same way. It amazes me the answer to healing and help are so similar. If only more people would realize the way out.



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