February 24, 2021

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Joe Van HussFebruary 12, 2020

Your system for subscribing will not allow me to to use my CC unless I open a PayPal account. I will not deal with PayPal due to history of terrible customer service. Hopefully next your you will allow just a CC without forcing subscribers to open PayPal. Love the Meridian.

Bonnie CellaFebruary 12, 2020

I agree with Linda. I'm sending a check. Was no place for a guest to pay by credit card, and I don't do PayPal.

linda ledesma sotoFebruary 10, 2020

i love love this magazine, have for years!! Incredible & thanks BUT...i have tried 9 ways to Sunday to subscribe this past week, online!!! It won't let me use my CC & Paypal keeps sending me back to your site!!! I really want to subscribe & will probably end up sending a check in the mail. Thanks for an incredible journey in the pages of Meridian Magazine!!

Dana WainwrightFebruary 7, 2020

You two are incredible. I just can't say enough about all the good you are doing in the world. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

PWDecember 6, 2019

Thank you for your Come Follow Me podcasts. I begin each week's study with your Podcast and find them very helpful.

J LDecember 6, 2019

Meridian Magazine is well worth the subscription price. I do not have a TV, I don't go to movies, I don't go out to eat, My grocery bill (including non food items) is about $100 per month. Meridian Magazine gives me daily inspiration in addition to keeping me updated with what is happening in the world.. Many thanks to you.



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