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February 3, 2023

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JaelDecember 31, 2015

Absolutely....absolutely. I have twelve adult grandchildren, from 22 to 35. Thankfully I am one of their dearest friends and confidants. From the oldest (who knows she's my forever number one).........down to the youngest who is extremely shy, except with me. I also now have twelve greats, who's parents (my grandchildren) are now spread out across the country with their studies and careers. My deepest most profound love right now, is for my GRANDCHILDREN...........! As my little greats grow, I will do my best to be there for them as well. Thank you for publishing a wonderful list of suggestions. I've been instinctively doing this since my own were babies, ( closer then, in proximity to me). They are now spread out all across the country with their studies and careers. They are my forever treasures (which I tell them often) Some are not active in the Gospel. But with solemn prayer and my ongoing love for them, I know they eventually will be. Also, I was quoting Asimov years and years ago, who said it succinctly, "The worst thing you can do for your children, is make their lives too easy". Bingo! Thank you for saying EXACTLY what I've been doing (by instinct). My own children (now in their fifties) thankfully have wonderful and successful work ethics. It's deeply comforting to hear this same advice coming from you. Sincerely, jael ruesch

TraciDecember 31, 2015

Great advice, I'm still in the mostly ringmaster stage, but a few are just now moving into the buddy stage and I am looking forward to that age group! Thanks!



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