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April 4, 2020

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(Elder) Ken ReynoldsDecember 25, 2015

As a senior missionary who served in Blantye with Sis. Proctor, it was wonderful to see the Malawian people and the Missionaries again. Thanks for a beautiful reminder of those who have nothing but are happier than any of us who have everything we really need and so much more. Their faith and humility humbled this missionary many times. KR

Warren AstonDecember 25, 2015

Thank you Michaela for this eloquent and timely reminder. Those who are poor in this world's material goods are often richer than most of us in the things of the next!

DJDecember 24, 2015

Beautiful....thanks for sharing. I love hearing about my wonderful brothers and sisters and their expressions of faith and love for our Savior. Merry Christmas!

Dee Dee ClarkDecember 24, 2015

I cannot ever remember reading of someone's Christmas experience or perspective that was more powerful and profound than this one! Thank you,Sister Proctor, for this sweet Christmas gift you've given me! I'm going to share your story with others!

NormaDecember 24, 2015

This was the loveliest of Christmas gifts this year. Thank you sister. I am struck with how we are the deprived, we, with our distractions, our commercializations, our worldly affluence, are those most deprived of the opportunity to experience the true spirit of Christmas.

Dennis R. PumphreyDecember 24, 2015

Thanks for making my Christmas more special. I look forward to sharing it with my children and grandchildren this evening when we get together for our Christmas Party. We have a tradition of reading the Christmas Story from Luke and giving the grandchildren a nativity set. Afterwards we talk about Christ and how important He is in our lives. Merry Christmas to all.

Herm OlsenDecember 24, 2015

Sweet thoughts, Sis. Michaela. With the poor and impoverished is exactly where the Savior would be - for the celebration of his birth and most other days as well. Reminded me of my first Christmas away from home, in a tar-paper shack on the Navajo Reservation. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for serving. H

Russell CannonDecember 24, 2015

Thanks Michaela for reminding me again of the beauty of a simplified Christmas with Christ at the center. We spent the last two Christmases on a mission in West Africa. your beautiful description of your simple Christmas in Malawi brought back some wonderful memories. We came home with good intentions of simplifying our lives back home in the USA. A new full time calling in the temple helped remind us this year to keep Christmas stripped down to the essentials so we could keep our focus on the temple work. We hope you and your family enjoy this time of year as you celebrate the birth of the Savior. Afishyia pa! (West African Christmas greeting).

Chrissy GavinDecember 24, 2015

What a beautiful Christmas experience. Thank you for helping my soul feel more of the Savior this Christmas.

Charles McClellandDecember 24, 2015

This certainly should cause all of us to look beyond the distracting traditions to the real meaning of Christmas. I am so proud of my Mormon Trek daughter!

JG HastingsDecember 24, 2015

I read through this piece several times....and not once without tears, This little story brought me back to the true reality of birth of our Savior....and insight into the African Saints. BTW....the writer of this piece is gifted, such a spiritually led "wordsmith".......IMHO....Thank you for making this Christmas special...... Jim

Lori Finlay HamiltonDecember 24, 2015

Michaela, Thank you for sharing your precious memories of your amazing Unadorned Christmas in Africa. What a precious gift this is & a clear reminder of my focus as I serve those in our ward tomorrow. I have boxes of bulbs and decor sitting in the living room, as the tree is still not done. However, after reading your article, I feel prompted to put it away, leave as it is, and spend my time serving just one more. Thank you sharing your sacred experience,! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Diana BakerDecember 24, 2015

We can totally relate to everything you have said, being here in West Africa. We cannot change the way America celebrates Christmas, but we can celebrate differently in our individual families. Binghams went to your mission report and we wish we could have been there too. They said it was a beautiful reflection of a mission well served. Love to your family.



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