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August 9, 2020
August 9, 2020

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Michael Shea, MDDecember 15, 2015

Hang in there, Gary. Everyone has fallen, some farther and faster than others and with variable degrees of injury. From someone who has been there and done that, trust me that the devout practice of the gospel has its ups and downs and difficulties, but it's worth the effort.

Gary ReidDecember 15, 2015

Hello, I have fallen, caught up in the darkest mist but with some very dear friends, various Stake Pres' I am on a long and arduous road back to Christ. I have spoken to the Crist centred and those who have no believe or can't fathom the gospel as the Chrch defines it. To understand even a little, I have found, as you state, 'have ye asked of God.' I still have the darkest of days sometimes and have to have a very real battle with myself and others in my life to once again be follow the Lord. I find it difficult at times but at the same time, so very rewarding. I know with God's help and my honest direction, I will become a member again. Very good article, I will be following you. Thank you, Gary



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