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December 8, 2019

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SandyDecember 17, 2015

The more you learn about Islam, the more you will notice similarities to the doctrines of the LDS church; much more than other non Christian religions. If you want to learn more about the Israeli, Palestinian conflict read "The Lemon Tree". My daughter majored in Middle Eastern Studies Arabic at BYU and recommends this book as informative and balanced.

ChrisDecember 15, 2015

Several years ago we had Dr Daniel Peterson speak about Understanding Islam at our stake center in Gastonia NC. We had two one-hour sessions with a half hour break in between. Six Muslims came to the event. They had never been to our church before and they asked if their scholar could have 15 minutes to respond to our scholar. They were expecting to get bashed. We opened the meeting with the hymn Sweet Hour of Prayer. At the break, the Muslims came to me and said they were so pleased with dr Peterson's knowledge and fairness that they did not need to have their scholar respond. They asked if they could say their evening prayers in a room at the church during the break and then enjoyed the second session. These relationships continued. Muslims recommended me to be on an Interfaith board. The three stakes in the area joined the group. A Muslim doctor joined our BYU Alumni group and attended a sacrament service on Easter when I gave a talk. Two Muslim women read the story of Mary and Elizabeth from the Koran at our Nativity Festival. a prospective missionary class attended a prayer session at a mosque. Another time after prayers at a mosque I was invited by the Muslim doctor to give my testimony. Many other connections have continued. Try it, you'll like it :)



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