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January 24, 2020

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DianeDecember 4, 2015

My daughter and grandson went to this movie expecting a great family friendly film. They ended up walking out with their large popcorn because there was too much death, destruction, and too much negative (murderer) name calling for the little cave boy, etc. The last straw was when they ate the fruit and were hallucinating as if on drugs! She told him she was kind of disappointed in the movie, then asked him if he wanted to stay or leave. He chose to leave! Wise little man!

Fay KlnglerDecember 4, 2015

We asked our daughter about this movie just last night. She had taken her nine-year-old to the movie. Our daughter said the content was very disturbing and highly discouraged our going at all.

Nancy ArdmoreDecember 4, 2015

It was very visually stunning, however it left me slightly disoriented, and it was spiritually empty. The theme is that the asteroid that probably destroyed the dinosaurs missed the earth and therefore the dinosaurs evolved into the intelligent creatures instead of man. I would give the movie a D for content, and an A+ for visual creativity.



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