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July 14, 2020

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Ken LindseyDecember 2, 2015

What a teaser intro! O,K, you got me! i'm putting my order in, Thanks

jeffreyDecember 2, 2015

My great great grandfather Gilbert Belnap was in close contact with the prophet Joseph Smith from June 3 1844 until June 27, 1844. He had been on a mission in NY state and arrived in Nauvoo June 1, 1844. He went to Carthage on a special assignment from the prophet June 17 , 1844 to attend a mobocrat meeting. He was able to come away from the meeting with important information. He informed Joseph Smith the Prophet that joseph Jackson a notorious anti Mormon leader, said he would shoot a Mormon like he would shoot a deer. Gilbert Belnap also slept on the stairwell of Carthage jail June 26 to protect His beloved Prophet. He would have died for the prophet if needed. there is no doubt the last 3 weeks of the Prophets life were turbulent and stressful for the Prophet to say the least. But he was calm as a summers morn. Praise to the Man who communed with Jehovah.



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