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May 8, 2021

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SamanthaDecember 2, 2015

They sure are cute little stinkers! We had a herd of baby skunks that lived under our house for about two weeks. I kept thinking it was my imagination that I could smell skunk when I passed our floor furnace. It wasn't until I realized they seemed to appear FROM and disappeared INTO our backyard via slipping under our side gate. One day I quietly followed them and watched as they slipped through a break in a vent of our crawl space. We walked on eggshells while hubby kept track of their sleeping/feeding schedule. One day while they were on our porch eating the cat food we set out for a feral cat, he crawled under the house and nailed up the vent - after counting our little boarders. While nailing their front door closed, one of them tried to open it with his nose! I later talked to a neighbor in our ward whose nephew was sprayed by a larger, lone skunk....and we lived within 15 miles of downtown Los Angeles!! Suburbia with skunks, racoons and squirrels!



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