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December 3, 2023

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JanetNovember 18, 2015

I have had many small and more important promptings, but one I would like to share was after a blessing in which I was told that if I would pray to know what the Lord would have me do each day, I would be guided, so I had tried to be conscientious about doing it. Soon after, I felt a sudden feeling I needed to go outside, and when I did, I saw a little two-year-old daughter of my downstairs neighbor walking up the driveway headed to the busy street in front of our apts. I was able to pick her up and return her to her mother, who had not realized that she had slipped out the door. My heart is so grateful for that prompting that saved her from who knows what that may have happened to that little one. The Lord knows everything about us and the Holy Ghost acts on His warnings to alert us. I am so thankful for this blessing.

Beth TNovember 13, 2015

Just what I needed to hear and ponder on today. THANK YOU!!!

KateNovember 12, 2015

My kids--now adults--would laugh if they read this. I told them this all the time--if it made sense, the Holy Ghost would not need to tell you! You'd have figured it out on your own! Now, I wouldn't take that to a ridiculous degree, but it's true. The Spirit does not need to prompt us to do the logical. When I receive an "illogical' prompting, I try my best to take it seriously! And the more often I do, the more sensitive I've noticed myself becoming to those promptings.Takes courage sometimes though!

Richard FrantzNovember 12, 2015

I was on a ladder up about 12 feet cutting fairly large limb off the tree. I got a prompting "get off the ladder". I climbed down and then thought that's ridiculous and climbed back up and resumed sawing. Again the same prompting. This time I put the ladder and saw away. That nigh the limb came down and tore a large portion of the bark where the ladder was resting. Would the same thing had happened if I continue to saw? I don't know but I'm glad I didn't have to find out.



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