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October 16, 2019

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ToniaNovember 22, 2015

There is an Awesome talk "Choosing Charity: That Good Part" by Bonnie D. Parkin Relief Society General President. She points out your point but goes on to emphasize it was not Martha making the dinner instead of listening that was the problem; she says to Jesus it was Martha's attitude of criticizing others and thinking she knew better than another that diminished Martha's charity. Sister Parkin continues that listening alone does not make charity. It is by our acts that we internalize charity. You can listen at someones feet, read scriptures, pray all day and night and if you don't get out of bed and serve others your faith is dead. Jesus was pointing out the benefit of both listening and action but the emphasis is lost on many that he was also referring to Martha's critical admonition of Mary. Some people show their love by physical service, that is, cooking large dinners, and making quilts and staying up late at night to help others, serving in multiple callings. That does not mean they are wrong because their service is more physical or different from another who may write letters, call a friend, or talk to a neighbor etc. Each contributions is acceptable in God's eyes regardless of how we serve if we do so to the best of our ability and refrain from judging others by our own abilities (or our own lack of desire to serve how they serve.)

LarueNovember 21, 2015

I appreciate your comments. The same sociality that exists here will be in the next world. If your Brian believed in God and Christ here and accepted the gospel that is where he will be welcomed in in the next world. However, for many, they must still walk alone(with ministering angel teachers) until they are able by their own faith to embrace the gospel principles. The veil is not rent at death unless you have met the covenant requirements to part the veil. All of us will be where we can make progress but we will not instantly be in christ's presence unless we have by faith in this world and the spirit world accepted Christ as our Savior and made Covenants to that end. If Christ came and parted the veil to us on death he would take away the faith we must first learn.

Steve DOctober 19, 2015

I was told something long ago that is both simple and true: "Sooner or later you have to give up your hope for a better past." That, for me and mine, has worked wonders.



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