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February 3, 2023

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RuthOctober 9, 2015

I recently made a trip to the Holy Land. When I saw the picture of Simon the Shepherd I laughed out loud. I met him and a couple of his sheep while visiting Nazareth. I'm anxious to see more of your pictures and relive a truly remarkable experience.

JenSeptember 29, 2015

Maybe you should try a crowdfunding campaign for those who are wanting a hard copy of the "book" instead of digital edition. That way you can get commitments from those who are interested and have the money up front for the costs associated with creating the work of art.

Jaqui BettsSeptember 29, 2015

Scot, I am so looking forward to this amazing event! I was baptized at 18 (well over 50 years ago) and have tried to read this book several times and always gave up. The tiny text and the "heavy" and "high-scholarly" tone was more than I could absorb or cope with. I look forward to your 2nd edition with great anticipation and I am especially pleased that you are trying to keep the cost in the affordable range for all of us. Thank you is not enough to say, but all that words can express! Sending love!

Jodi JohnsonSeptember 29, 2015

Dear Dave, I picked up Jesus the Christ a few weeks ago because I felt I really wanted to read it. Everything you are doing sounds wonderful. However, I am like a few others. I would dearly love to have a hard copy that had the added footnotes and maybe a few pictures, but I could do without the pictures if it's possible to have the footnotes. I suspect that there are others who feel as I do. I will also be getting the electronic version, even thought I am 75. Really excited about what you are doing. Thanks, Jodi

SueSeptember 29, 2015

Having joined the church in my teens too many years ago to remember, I was introduced early to Jesus the Christ. It was a magnificent read and helped me to understand the Saviour better. I look forward to this endeavour and would, like many others, enjoy an actual physical copy of the book.

Edward GowenSeptember 29, 2015

Please make it possible to contribute to this work via Paypal, credit card and/or draft. Many us us are willing to contribute; but almost never use check-in-the mail, especially to make optional contributions.

Kathryn T. HancockSeptember 28, 2015

George n Mimi, are you Tom and Lolovi's son? Dear friends and cuzn's of my father and Mom Lewis n Wanda Tenney. Happy to make that connection if you are. Kathryn

George & Mimi MurdockSeptember 28, 2015

Dear Proctors, What a major, bold & brilliant undertaking! We are so excited to get involved & will be making a donation to help out & plan to buy many copies (more than 50 just for our immediate family of kids & grandkids!). In the margins of my tattered copy of Jesus The Christ are penciled definitions of hundreds of words then new to me as I read it (prior to my Samoan mission) well over 50 years ago. We strongly encourage a beautiful leather-bound "Collector's Edition" for those of us who still love the tactile satisfaction of a "real" book. But the digital version is a great start & we commend you for this much-needed updating of a true LDS Classic. Best wishes on this project, George & Mimi Murdock Las Vegas NV

Elizabeth SmithSeptember 27, 2015

My husband and I are currently serving a mission in Moscow, Russia. For the past several months I have felt the need to know the Savior better. I have been reading "in" Jesus the Christ (I had read it before!) but somehow wasn't making much progress. I am grateful for and excited about your work on this and look forward to it. It sounds wonderful. Even those older than YSA and young marrieds will enjoy it (even though I knew what purlieus and contravening meant)!

FawnSeptember 26, 2015

Will readers be able to electronically mark and underline text?

Valerie PhillipsSeptember 25, 2015

This is so exciting. Jesus the Christ in it's original form is a truly wonderful piece of literature. I have read it and used it for reference since 1971, and loved it. The new electronic edition sounds amazing. Can't wait to buy it. I would really love a special editoon hardback and hope they do become available. You will most certainly easily get more than you need to make it viable. Valerie Phillips Surrey, England

Alan J. BurgessSeptember 25, 2015

Scot, Thank you for taking on this huge, but hugely worthwhile project. I read JESUS THE CHRIST shortly after my convert baptism in 1968. I love the book and hungered to know more about the author. Years later, while I was serving as bishop, James P. Harris of my ward and I were taling about this, and he indicated that he had been collecting everything he could find about James E. Talmage and was considering writing a book about him. I encouraged his efforts, the book was written, and published by Signature Books as THE ESSENTIAL JAMES E. TALMAGE with James P. Harris given the title of editor. While we anxiously await your enormous tome, some might find it worthwhile to read a little about the original author, apostle, and amazing man. Best wishes on this righteous endeavor.

AlecSeptember 25, 2015

What a great project. I appreciate your energy and commitment to a worthy goal. I am an old and have read Jesus the Christ many times. It has much outdated "factual" information about the "jews" (Talmage viewed them some what monolithically) and was based on early 20th century scholarship. But it is a wonderful testimony and full of sacred information. You have quite a challenge and I hope the format will allow you to honor this grand seminal work and enhance it so other generations will study it in depth. It was my first vocabulary building effort and brought me hours of joy. If it will bring someone to the document which was designed to bring us closer to the Savior, then well done. I wish you well on this project.

Scot ProctorSeptember 25, 2015

Dear Bob, Thank you for your comment. We've heard that same rekindling feeling from hundreds of others and hope that very thing will happen: That former readers will go back and have a much enhanced experience with this most amazing and sacred book.

Scot ProctorSeptember 25, 2015

Dear Clay, Thanks for your heartfelt enthusiasm for a hard copy edition. Maurine and I have published four photo-rich, National Geographic-style "Postum Table" books in the LDS market and we are very familiar with how hard and how expensive it is. We've had approximately 100 requests for a limited edition that is gorgeous and you can hold in your hand and turn through the beautiful pages. If that number is raised to 4,000 or 5,000, then we'll bring in a fresh team to design and publish this very special version. Blessings, Scot Proctor.

Scot ProctorSeptember 25, 2015

Dear Penny, That's a good question. That would add another layer of work and time to our heavy load. The complexity and layers it takes to make each one of these features (touchscreen or mouse-click response with pop-over response) is overwhelming. I'll ask our small staff, but the chances are low. I know that would be so handy for many of the words. That Dr. Kelly Ogden felt it important to give over 2,800 definitions of words is indicative of our times.

Scot ProctorSeptember 25, 2015

Dear John, These are all questions that were going to be on our "Frequently Asked Questions" article! Our initial goal was to have this done early Summer of 2015 (just passed that). Our next goal was to get it out by the 100th Anniversary (September 15). Now we are shooting for the end of this year and hoping we can make that goal. The project is so much bigger and more expensive than our little operation, it just takes a Herculean effort to get this done--and done right. So, let's keep praying. Whenever it comes out, it will be so worth the wait!

Scot ProctorSeptember 25, 2015

Dear Lynne, We do not know the pricing yet. I'll tell you what it should be priced and that's in the $60 - $80, but, of course, that is not in keeping with the market. We hope with all our hearts we can keep it under $25. That's our goal. I hope we can achieve that goal!

LynneSeptember 25, 2015

This sounds like it will be a wonderful edition. Do you have any idea about the price yet?

JohnSeptember 25, 2015

Any guestimate on when you will have this edition ready for the consumer? I realize it is a huge project in a new area and you could be reluctant to make a commitment, but it would be nice to get a feel for the time line. Thanks for all this effort. I can see this could have a great impact on anyone who will embrace it.

PennySeptember 25, 2015

Would you consider pronunciation with the definitions (no. 5)?

Clay BarkerSeptember 25, 2015

Please inquire with Bro Richard N. Holzapfel at BYU concerning the publication of large volumes of photographs. I too would like to see this in hardcopy - in whatever size it comes in. Consider a special edition run in leather binding also. 'Jesus the Christ' was very instrumental is the development of my testimony as a missionary in the late 70s. I would relish an opportunity to turn pages of high quality visual material to accompany the text and descriptive narrative.

Robert SiskSeptember 25, 2015

I read "Jesus The Christ" sometime during my first few years as a new member of the church, but not since then. I didn't think it was so difficult to understand. Now, this article makes me want to go back and re-read it so I can better appreciate what this 2nd century edition adds. Bob Sisk Chandler, Arizona

Scot ProctorSeptember 25, 2015

Dear Dave, There are a number of people who feel the same way you do. It is possible, after the release of the electronic version, that we could do a special edition with limited photographs and graphics--we have had so many requests for that--but that is yet to be seen. It would be impossible to publish what we are doing electronically just for sheer size (1200 photographs, 300 art pieces, maps, hundreds of additional notes and updates, etc.). So, we will look, perhaps, at a special edition, but in the meantime we have to focus on finishing the one we are doing now! Blessings, Scot.

Dave FSeptember 25, 2015

Scot, I am one of the few these days that prefers to read actual books and does not read "books" electronically. Are there plans to publish a tangible hardbound version of the 2nd Century Edition work? Dave F

TrishSeptember 25, 2015

What an enormous project! I'm so excited to see the final product. I can see this becoming an ongoing home evening study, or even replace our scripture reading in our family for a year. I read Jesus the Christ in college, and my husband's reading it now (25 years later) but we want to share this with our teenagers and younger kids so that they know--really know--what his life was like.

Scot ProctorSeptember 25, 2015

Des, great question. Anything published before 1925 (90 years) is now in Public Domain, so though later editions continue to have copyright notices by The Church, the original work is now in Public Domain. We were certainly aware of this very question and concern and have been very careful to preserve and conserve Elder Talmage's original text and efforts and enhance them for a new generation in this way. We will own the copyright on this electronic edition and this version only. Blessings, Scot Proctor.

des bromilowSeptember 25, 2015

ummm.... who owns the copyright on the original text? I kinda like seeing "Copyright of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" in my edition - a republication in any form would take that away, along with what it means.



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