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August 9, 2020
August 9, 2020

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Jane BirchSeptember 25, 2015

DANA: Wow! Best wishes for amazing success. Let me know how I can help you! KELLY: Thanks for your very kind words. I agree there can be many rational interpretations of the Word of Wisdom. My reason for excluding dairy and eggs is primarily because it seems to clear to me, based on the evidence collected by whole food, plant-based experts, that they are harmful to our bodies in exactly the same way meat is. So giving up meat but consuming dairy and eggs instead will not dramatically change health (experts tell us people experience the greatest benefit from giving up dairy). The amazing health benefits people experience on a whole food, plant-based diet only come when dairy and eggs are excluded. Perhaps this is the reason dairy and eggs are no where endorsed in the Word of Wisdom? I think the Lord is not giving us a list of things to eat or not eat as much as principles. The only principle that seems at all related to dairy and eggs is that given in verses 12-13. I believe a land "flowing with milk and honey" is a description of a fertile land, not a health principle for the 21st century. Jesus did eat fish, but He also drank wine. But in our day, He asks us to not drink wine and no where in the Word of Wisdom does He endorse fish. Fish, again, has the same nutritional profile as other meats. I realize not everyone is persuaded by these explanations, but I'm just sharing my thinking ib the topic. Thanks for the opportunity! Your last sentence is so important! Thanks for the encouragement to all of us.

kellySeptember 24, 2015

Love the video! Thanks so much for taking the time to create it and share. A whole foods plant-based diet is indeed a wonderful thing. I would hesitate though to include abstaining from all animal products including eggs and dairy (as you seem to advocate on your website). There are some wonderful health benefits (especially for the brain) in consuming some of these in moderation. A closer reading of the scriptures helps us note that it is the "flesh" of beasts and fowls of the air we are to limit or only partake of in times of need. Perhaps the Lord telling us He's given us animals for our use and benefit is at least in part for animal-produced food that is not "flesh". Even the promised land has been described as a land flowing with milk and honey. Also to note is that the Savior consumed fish on several occasions, including feeding it to thousands of people. Again, not considered the flesh of beasts or fowls of the air, yet still an animal. Just some thoughts to consider, lest we jump to more than is there (in section 89) based on one or a few books, like The China Study (which has some good points to be sure, but may also have some flaws). Cross-referencing scripture, pondering, and prayer are of course the most consistently reliable sources.

DanaSeptember 23, 2015

Serendipity or the Spirit? :) I have been agonizing lately over my diet and health for quite some time now and have felt torn in so many directions. I just told my mother today that I had finally received the answer that I needed to follow a whole, mainly (but not exclusively) plant-based diet, that no matter what all the different books and whatever were saying, the Word of Wisdom would lead me to the best possible outcome. I happened to stumble on these videos a few hours later and it feels like a confirmation. I'm a little nervous about the implementing of the plan, but feel like if I make changes over time, we'll get there. :)



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