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February 8, 2023

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hollandparkOctober 9, 2015

So SO beautiful-- what a photographer!! Your capture of the very best light and feeling of this beauty was perfect sanity for the eyes and soul. Thank you.

Chuck and Sorena DeWittSeptember 22, 2015

Loved the first half of the drive from Squaw Peak. Much of the "road" later consisted of small boulders. We considered the pioneers who thought walking was easier. Thank you for inspiring us to make the loop. It is a one-time bucket list experience. Your pictures and detailed description was delightful.

Gloria BarnhouseSeptember 21, 2015

These pictures are so beautiful they made me cry. Oh how my Dad who died in 2008 would have loved them. He lived in Orem looking at these mountains from the front during his childhood and until he left home when his Dad, my Grandfather said to him " you are 16 now and it is time for you to go" in his Danish accent.

LexaGraemeSeptember 19, 2015

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower". --Albert Camus

J.GronemanSeptember 18, 2015

What a blessing to live in this beautiful area - I can't imagine heaven being any more beautiful than this. I heard there was a road there and always dreamed of seeing it, and you have answered that dream. Heaven has to have mountains like this or it could not be heaven to me, It is so incredibly beautiful. I wonder if the Lord walks here for a while after He leaves the Temple - it is truly a sacred place among His creations.

Delma SaundersSeptember 18, 2015


Andre MostertSeptember 18, 2015

As a teenager growing up in Provo, I would often walk east on 7th north and continue right up Y Mountain and look into that beautiful basin on the other side. As Scouts we would take new boys up Rock Canyon into that basin, build a campfire and tell ghost stories. Unfortunately I never had a vehicle that would make the full trip up Provo Canyon, through the basin, and down Hobble Creek. Cascade and Provo peaks are two of my favorite mountains. Living in Midway I now view them and Timpanogos from the other side, which is equally impressive. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS TRIP WITH YOUR MAGNIFICENT PICTURES.

Pat MerrickSeptember 18, 2015

I appreciate you sharing these beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your talent and vision.

Phil HarrisonSeptember 18, 2015

Scot, thank you for such a lovely photo essay. I grew up in Provo and loved those peaks from a little farther away. What a treat to see them up close. And what beautiful colors! Loved the descriptions of the plants, and the poetry.

Joy LundbergSeptember 18, 2015

Thank you for these beautiful fall photos. We live in paradise! You know exactly how to capture the beauty of nature that surrounds us, just beyond our normal gaze. Bless you!

Renee BlackhamSeptember 18, 2015

Absolutely stunning! The comments were so appropriate and thought-provokingly beautiful in and of themselves. My thanks for sharing so much of yourselves w/us.

Annette LundquistSeptember 18, 2015

Thanks four the tour. It was breathtaking!



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