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October 26, 2021

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Robert L. (Burger Bob) BradySeptember 16, 2015

This is an incredible story; my eyes are full of tears as I write and the Spirit is incredible. I graduated from Ricks College, where I believe is the setting for this story, in 1982 after only three semesters; I wish I had stayed longer. From Church leaders to teachers, from administrators to staff, classmates to roommates, we were family. I have had many great experiences since that time, including finding my wife elsewhere, but I have a hard time surpassing the incredible three semesters that I spent at Ricks College. My professors were the best of friends as were most anybody I associated with. We were indeed family!

GloriaSeptember 16, 2015

What a beautiful story of selfless love. So true of many who give and care for others.

Joy LundbergSeptember 16, 2015

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of genuine love. What a great example for all of us. Love and service is what gets us all through our life challenges. I'm inspired by your article this morning, the very morning I received a call from a dear friend who daily faces the challenge of cancer with her young adult daughter. Thank you.

Fawn MorganSeptember 16, 2015

And this is what is meant by living a Christ-like life of charity.

ShaySeptember 16, 2015

I had a computer class and math class from Gordon and I was touched by his kindness and love for students, teaching, and learning. I had the privilege of visiting with him when he could not get out of bed. I learned so much from my visit! It's so nice to know how much of a family the math department was for him! I know that he was truly grateful! Thank you for sharing!



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