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December 3, 2022

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LexaGraemeAugust 15, 2016

How lovely to read pioneer stories that make you--and the rest of us--laugh.

Gary KempSeptember 12, 2015

You and I must be related because Sarah Brown Staker was my great grandmother and John Brown my Great great grandfather. fun to see some of this humor

Renee Tomlinson PetersenSeptember 11, 2015

Enjoyed this article and was reminded of my Ancestors that came across the plains in 1852. John Tidwell Company: in the journal of George Kirkman Bowering 3 Sep Friday he writes about how the company by common consent divided into two parts. The wagons with Cap. T. Rogers in charge were given names. Example: The Petticoat Deserter or The Nursery. My ancestors gggrandfather Thomas Hepworth and his brother John (married the Fletcher sisters) came from England with one small child and Frances and Mary each had baby boys on the trek. Their wagon was named "The Snapping Turtles:Because it was Occupied by the Brothers Hepworth and their families and they disagreed considerably." Put a smile on my face

D. KnowlesSeptember 10, 2015

and violas (obligatory)

DarrellSeptember 9, 2015

And violas... "Obligatory dig"

CindySeptember 9, 2015

Loved the humor but I must say that if there are no fiddles in Hell, I am convinced that Hell is accompanied by a background of very badly played violins.



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