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May 19, 2022

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Jenny R.September 5, 2015

MRSA is commonly treated with a very well known (and inexpensive) antibiotic called Bactrim. MRSA is resistant to beta lactams, which are all penicillin based antibiotics. the statement that the only antibiotic left to treat MRSA is vancomyicin is not accurate. As a microbiologist who isolates and identifies sensitivities for bacterium, I thought I'd make an important correction in the article. Thanks for the inspiring story otherwise!

Ryan BillsSeptember 3, 2015

This is one of the most inspiring reads about a fellow undergrad student taking his destiny into his own hands and finding a way to change the world around him because of a deeply personal experience. This one really hit close to home for me because I myself nearly died of a MRSA infection while I was serving my mission. I had to have two different surgeries while out in the field (one an emergency surgery), I developed sepsis, and I contracted Scarlet Fever as a result of a severely compromised immune system. MRSA is no joke. Way to go Jacob!

Vickey Pahnke TaylorSeptember 3, 2015

Great news. GO, Jacob! What a good work you're doing. Thank you!



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