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June 26, 2022

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Michael ChopinAugust 21, 2015

That very well may be, but people often seek independence when interdependence is one-sided and proves non-functional to them...such as in the Revolutionary War or the husband or wife that refuses to keep their place. Interdependence makes you subject to rules however lop-sided or unfair they might be whereas self reliance and independence frees you binary reciprocation that is unfair. Reciprocation is good only where it is voluntary; and no one but a masochist would continue to reciprocate and ask for more when the are beaten unfairly. What does the illegitimate son of half of a pair of scissors look like? The (colonial) Governor of New Jersey. Maybe Ben wanted to marry his (the governor's) mother but could not because she didn't know and keep her place. What holds two halves of a pair of scissors together so that they are a functioning tool? The screw in the middle (the fulcrum; the common ground upon which both agree to balance themselves on).

WendyAugust 20, 2015

I find it sad that this article even has to be written. The basis of a well-oiled (so to speak), healthy, loving family unit is interdependence. The basis of a healthy society should also be interdependence. Interdependence and independence are not mutually exclusive things. In fact, the combination of both is, to me, a formula for success. For example, in the family unit we can all exhibit our independence by living our lives responsibly the way we see fit, yet are always there to lift, build, love, support, and help each other as needed. It is the same way with society, just on a larger scale. In fact, if we all exhibit more of both of these traits our society would be so much better off than what it is.

Raman JobAugust 19, 2015

Perfect. Independence is not the height of virtue. Independence screams "leave me alone, I've got this!" Whereas interdependence says, "we've got a noble eork to do together, let's go!"



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