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July 11, 2020

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Barbara RobertsAugust 13, 2015

I am happy for you Mariah. Now begins the real education in understanding another human being and loving when there is misunderstanding on your part or his ( which sometimes occurs because someone isn't listening, is talking past each other or there is a failure to understand. The Savior's request seems to fit "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." It follows if we really understand we wouldn't do the things we do!) Enjoy all the love that is possible for two people who love the Lord and choose each other forever!

No AuthorAugust 12, 2015

Paul, I totally agree that that is a generalization that I made. Thanks for pointing it out. I LOVE Before Sunset and that whole series. There are lots of movies that capture love in lots of forms, but I do think lots of rom-coms miss the bill on capturing what's really required of it.

PaulAugust 12, 2015

Love your thoughts. Super happy for you. Got hung up on your comment about cinema love stories being "insipid." I'm going to go ahead and say that that is like saying that all white males are angry, middle-aged republicans. A little bit of a generalization. Try a few of these: Roman Holiday, Say Anything, Silver Linings Playbook, The Way We Were, Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, Beauty and the Beast, About a Boy, Never Been Kissed, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, You've Got Mail, Can't Buy Me Love, As Good as it Gets, Sleepless in Seattle, High Fidelity, The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Movies ham up the drama for entertainment value and some of the problem seem silly to those on the outside but I guarantee on a long enough timeline all relationships have problems that appear incredibly silly to outsiders. Want rich dialogue? Check out Before Sunset. Want sweetness? You've Got Mail makes my Dad weep every time and he is a man's man. Who doesn't love a love story about someone totally unloveable? Watch As Good As it Gets. Cinema is as good and as bad as every relationship in the world. Are there insipid relationships? Yep. Are there movies for those folks? Yep.

Sarah BluthAugust 12, 2015

Mariah -- Thank you for this wonderful article and reminder of what real love is. You're amazing and I'm excited to hear and see the adventures you take in life with your husband.

DavidAugust 12, 2015

Ana is right, love is a choice you make. As we make righteous choices God blesses us with people who are righteous. If we look at love as something uncontrollable, we become controlled by it. God always intended us to be in control of our lives in regards to decisions.

DarylAugust 12, 2015

That was my "key in the lock" story! It was the way an ex-boyfriend (one of many) explained to me how he knew he had found true love with the girl who came after me. At age 40 when the real thing happened for me, my logical response to his proposal was "I can't imagine not." We just celebrated our 25th anniversary. I wish you as much happiness.

LeslieAugust 12, 2015

Mariah, This was beautifully written and so very true...I am your future aunt and I can't wait to meet you! Thanks for waiting for this handsome nephew of mine!

AleceAugust 12, 2015

Beautifully written Mariah. So glad you didn't settle, too. This kind of relationship is definitely worth waiting and working for! I'm sure your parents are delighted as well -- and what gorgeous wedding photos you will have to treasure forever!

MARYJOY BELLOAugust 12, 2015

The realizations you shared are all true, I know because I experienced them all! The one who loves us will not find reasons not to love us. They will always have reasons to ALWAYS love us, no matter what. And being the recipient of that kind of love is exhalarating as well as humbling. Embracing the bliss of that love, this thought keeps on running in my mind, "I must have done something good to deserve the man beside me who loves me as I am."

AnaAugust 12, 2015

Falling sounds like a person did not have a choice and it was an accident. If you believe in "falling" in love, then you believe in "falling" out of love. Moral values, believes and principles in common are vital. Seems to me that you did not "fall" because you made a choice to get to know him better and so did he.



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