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September 27, 2020

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JanaJune 27, 2017

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune thyroid disease). Everything I read said to give up gluten. I have since been seeing an integrative medical doctor who recommends a diet high in protein (a lot from chicken, turkey and some kinds of fish) and says I can sparingly eat non-gluten ancient grains (2-3 servings/week). I don't love meat and this diet and not being able to eat out has been a trial for me. Everything I've read about autoimmune disease and diets to address the root causes of it says that grains are inflammatory to the gut. I want to follow the Word of Wisdom but I am also scared to continue down the path of leaky gut and for it to get worse if this is true. Wish I could get some more guidance on this specific topic which is not discussed in this article. I guess I'll just keep praying!

LauraFebruary 23, 2016

Very interesting! However, it is true that the GMO foods are man made and are not what God made and gave to us for consumption. I am unable to digest wheat at all in the US. I have had no issues in Germany or France; countries that ban GMO's. I can still have Spelt, an ancient wheat which is not GMO and still grown in the US as well as other countries. Perhaps we should look to older origins of our food ( heirloom seeds!) for our consumption

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DarcyAugust 7, 2015

I think verses 12 and 13 are misinterpreted often. I echo Cannon's statement. I love the teachings of the word of wisdom but I do not read it as saying we should be a vegetarian or vegan people. I guess it is up to each of us to seek personal reflection and revelation as to what it's application means and dictates in our lives.

Joy B.August 5, 2015

I thought your article was presented well and had much good information that we can all benefit from. I would like to add that the wheat, corn and soy we have today is not the same as what the pioneers had in their day. In order to provide for a world wide market the scientists have had to formulate GMO, genetically modified grain, that is resistant to insects, disease and molds that have made it very hard for humans to digest. If it is resistant to all of those things then how can our bodies possibly digest and utilize it. There is an epidemic of gluten intolerance in the world today and researchers believe that this is the main reason. The paleo diet can be modified to what someone has called a "pegan" diet. That is where meat is used as a condiment and vegetables and fruits are used in abundance. Nuts, seeds, non gluten grains and sprouted gluten grains are used in moderation. Sprouting a grain changes the molecular structure of the grain and makes it more able to be utilized by our bodies.

Kaleb MAugust 4, 2015

Thanks Jane! I've tried different diets over the years and I've always felt a disconnect when I read the word of wisdom. How can any of these diets be correct when they elevate meat and denigrate grain? I had seen some of the titles of some of your articles pop up on facebook and had dismissed them as fringe or extreme. Then 4 weeks ago while climbing a mountain with the young men (and lagging behind), I had a long conversation with the Lord and He let me know I should go back and check out your articles. I ended up getting your book, pretty quickly moving to a WHPB (whole foods, plant based) diet. It's hard to follow all the time at ward picnics and going to friends houses for dinner. However, most all of the time I can make and eat my WHPB food. This has been the easiest eating transition I've ever made. I sleep less and better. I've lost 15 lbs. My cravings have gone from hurricane force on previous diets to occasional gentile breezes. I've picked up the China Study and have almost finished it. I shared your book with my Father. This has been a big and great change in my life. I can see myself being able to do more with my kids and (someday) my grand-kids. It seems odd that something so plain and accessable as the 'do's of the Word of Wisdom remained hidden in plain sight so long. I should have taken the Lord at his word. Anyway, I'm glad I could find your book. It has made a big difference in my life and I hope it's not too late to influence my children. Thank you.

CannonAugust 4, 2015

There should be no comma between "used" and "only" in verse 13. Thus it should read "...they should not be used only in times of winter..."This is a a small but critical change to the original D&C 89 that was made known to the saints when the new LDS scriptures were introduced in the 1980s. Thus meat should be eaten sparingly, but it should be eaten.

Kurt C.August 4, 2015

This article starts (paragraphs 2-5) with a tone not worthy of Meridian Magazine -- arrogant and condescending. However, many of the points were well supported. But given that wheat today has only a fraction of the nutrients they had when the Word of Wisdom was revealed, a discussion of how to compensate for that would have been helpful. And given that different people respond differently to any particular diet, the importance of protein-rich diets for some obese persons is also worthy of note.

Ann CueAugust 4, 2015

We were taught by the brilliant Dr John R Christopher that for grains to be prepared correctly for the body they should be soaked, sprouted, then low-heated. It has been my experience that wheat (and other grains) prepared this way can be tolerated by and beneficial for those who otherwise feel they are better off without them. I believe the problem is not wheat, but how it is improperly prepared. It is also my experience that breads made from freshly ground flour, then taken through a number of phases of fermentation, are a vastly superior product to the Standard American loaf of bread.



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