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September 29, 2022

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JohnnyAugust 5, 2015

Where does it say that being homosexual qualifies a person as a "pedophile"? "Pedophiles" are a distinct category of sexual deviance! The are both adult heterosexuals and homosexuals who both fit and don't fit within the the predatory sexuality that is pedophiliia! To say pedophiles are apart of sexuality is offensive! By electing to do away with its longstanding value the BSA has opened Pandora's box on the organizations that are the very moral core of the BSA, religious groups of ALL persuasions!

BillAugust 2, 2015

Tyler M states there is no "known gay gene". Nor is there a known autism gene.

queunoAugust 1, 2015

So what happens if the Church decides to keep Scouting and allow celibate, temple recommend-holding LDS men to be scoutmasters if their bishop so decides?

Tyler MAugust 1, 2015

Kade, The Church DOES NOT recognize that people are "born gay". There have been some statements by a couple leaders of the Church, Elder Oaks in particular, that have questioned whether this was a possibility, but that incorrect idea IS NOT an official church position & is nowhere close to scientifically proven either. There is no known "gay gene" although rabid homosexual activists want people to believe that it has already been proven that people are "born gay" and that they can't repent of this sinful behavoir & change. With that said, the Church is partially responsible for this current situation by acquiescing to the demands that openly gay Scouts be allowed to join the organization. If a boy who thinks he's gay is suddenly good enough to be an Eagle Scout, then what makes him suddenly morally unfit to be a Scout Leader once he becomes an adult? The Church should have never backed down & made good on its threats to leave Scouting when the Scouts voted to change the membership policy. Yes, it is sad that sexual deviants want to make morally upstanding organizations like the BSA into morally repugnant ones, but much of this could have been avoided had the Church refused to go along with the original policy change. The Church also needs to stop placating other goals of rabid homosexual activists. It is time to state boldly and clearly that homosexual thought and action is sinful behavior & repenting and accepting the Gospel of Christ is the only way for anyone, committing any sin to be cleansed & find true happiness.

KadeAugust 1, 2015

@ Robert- "his/her ideology and concepts' meaning what, that they were born gay and are gay? The church recognizes that they are born 'gay' thus the abandonment of reparative therapy etc. BSA is scouting, not sex education. As a long time scout leader, I can't remember ever talking about sex with any scouts. As long as a gay leader abided in the same manner, let them participate.

Stephen ClaytonJuly 31, 2015

It could be that the LDS Church in conjunction with other churches could develop their own program - similar to the "Duty to God" program but with merit badges for traditional educational training for boys. Such a program could foster better relationships with other Christian religions for mutual benefit.

ScottJuly 31, 2015

"On my honor I will do my keep my self phyically strong, mentally awake and MORALL STRAIGHT." The BSA will need to eliminate or redefine "morally straight" in the Scout Oath. I knew what it ment through out my scouting experience. The BSA has lost sight of one of its core principles. I am saddened.

PaulJuly 30, 2015

It's a sad state of affairs. I'm a Cub Leader and I fully support the objectives of the Scouting movement, but at the same time I think if the Church has the talent, experience and resources to set up a program of it's own that will be better, less expensive, and more gospel focused. I don't think the church would make a statement like that casually, and I expect we will pull out of Scouting worldwide before too long.

Michael ChopinJuly 30, 2015

The author is correct: there is absolutely no intention of reciprocity on the part of these groups. They take what they demand and then burn the bridges behind them. Knowing that, it is a foregone conclusion that they will back themselves into a corner; and it will be of their own doing. They will have no one else but themselves to blame, yet you can be sure that there will no doubt be further attempts to cast the blame upon someone else. Don't fall into the trap of sponsoring their behavior by hating them. Maintain your neutrality by simply agreeing to matter what they do to try an provoke you.

JKJuly 30, 2015

As a Bear Den leader my heart is just aching at the thought of our church being forced to either give up our moral stance on sexual practices or leave the BSA. I LOVE SCOUTING and I LOVE the new Cub Scout program especially. I'm so heartsick over this and so sad for my boys should we have to part ways with the BSA. I'm so tired of the church having to use our money to fight court battles to keep our rights in tact because someone else's rights feel trampled on. Now they are trampling on mine. The devil is in the details.

RobertJuly 30, 2015

This is an untenable situation. I would not want my child to be tutored by a Gay instructor, nor go on campouts with one, for fear that his/her ideology and concepts would be fostered on a young impressionable mind. I hope the Church breaks from the Scouts and starts its own program. This is not about equality. It is about religious freedom, and the right to determine what our children are taught and by whom. We have enough left wing ideology taught in our schools, we need no more from extra-curricular activities.



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