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September 26, 2021

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HollyJuly 17, 2015

Seriously, the man has someone else. A husband doesn't just pick up and leave without contact for weeks at a time if he hasn't got another woman on the side or online. His guilt is keeping him away. Hire a private investigator ASAP and find out how he is spending his time away from work. If it comes down to a divorce you'll be very glad you have all the facts. If you can't afford an investigator. Have some friends do it. My parents did that for a friend of theirs, took photos and everything as the cheating husband, who swore there wasn't someone else, was embracing the "other woman".

JGJuly 17, 2015

I have to agree with aj. It does sound as if he wants it to be in her hands so he is absolved of making the choice. After she finally decides it is not moving forward and decides it is time to end it, then he can say, "Well, she's the one who got the divorce, not me, I was still trying to work it out!" I have been there. My husband was hateful and perverse, and when I kindly suggested that we separate, and he agreed, then the accusations really took a turn against me. Just keep you equilibrium and move forward with what you want for your life and your children's. You may find as I did, that you are much happier being free of it all. Best wishes.

H. StarkJuly 17, 2015

Is she receiving counseling during this time? Is she reading her scriptures, receiving blessings and adhering to the covenants she made in the temple? Revelation is hers if she seeks it. That should be her compass to stay or to leave.

ajJuly 17, 2015

Honestly, it sounds like he's just stalling in hopes that she'll make things official so he won't feel as guilty and can put his own twist on the story.



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