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December 15, 2019

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MariaJuly 16, 2015

I am seeing many signs of repentance in this story. Over a million people watched the video on YouTube. There have been multiple calls for Congressional investigations. Editorial pieces across the country have expressed disgust at the callous way in which the discussion of abortion is conducted between bites of salad. I cannot think of a better time to discuss sexual behavior, the true meaning of families and the sanctity of life. If we just sit back and wait for the Second Coming of Christ to rescue us from evil, we cede the battlefield to Satan, which I am sure he would love.

GusJuly 15, 2015

Why should God forgive the United States of America? Do you see repentance of any kind going on? Do you see any credit given to God by anyone in authority in our government--local, state and federal? No, this country does not deserve forgiveness. It deserves exactly what is coming this way. It is just up to you and me to do our very best to live as righteously as we can and pray for our Savior's return in all of His Glory! He can then decide who deserves forgiveness or not.

TjJuly 15, 2015

How is it that an organization that has for years told everyone that fetuses are just blobs of tissue now be treating them as people with distinct heads and hearts and livers. The story leaves out one of the most sickening exchanges. The good doctor explains how they reposition the baby so they can harvest an intact head. May God forgive the United States of America.



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