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December 3, 2022

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ElizabethJuly 10, 2015

The gay movement has never had marriage in its sights - but the rights they are trampling will some day come back to haunt them in ways they cannot foresee. What will it take for the public to wake up to what is happening and make a stand? Better now before the force of the adversary is stronger than the force for goodness.

elizabeth wileniusJuly 9, 2015

we as a country must support the Klein's right to their opinion and faith and right to follow their beliefs. Even the gay and lesbian should support them as it is about EVERY person's rights. In this country, no one should be forced to accept something that goes against their conscience and the government cannot use its power to force people to accept things against their conscience. That is what our freedom is all about....taking money from this family of seven for their beliefs is just against everything we stand for.....there are a hundred other people who can bake a cake for a wedding without makig them an issue in this agenda

MaryJuly 8, 2015

I wonder if a baker who refused on principle to decorate a cake with a Confederate battle flag would be prosecuted. Probably not.

Darlene BoothJuly 7, 2015

It scares me because of what happened in Germany during Hitler's reign! Books burned, people imprisoned because of their ethnicity and religion, etc. I can't believe what is happening to our country! Even if one helped a Jew and were caught they, too, were imprisoned, even Christians!

MichaelJuly 7, 2015

If McDonald's can choose to refuse to serve a customer on a bicycle in its drive-thru, a legal and road-worthy vehicle with the same rights to the road as any other, then these folks can also choose to serve whoever they want. Otherwise, I have some drive-thru law suits planned if Oregon is going to set this legal precedent in stone this way.

MyrnaJuly 7, 2015

If there were absolutely NO other bakery who would do the work, perhaps there would be a leg for the "offended" couple and the state to stand on. However, this and all episodes similar to it throughout the nation are examples of DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Those accusing them are very willing to take the life out of them. The order not to discriminate or the right not to be discriminated against is not anywhere in the Constitution, however the right to religious and speech freedom IS our first and MOST important right.

KristinJuly 7, 2015

I ask myself how this can even be possible??? What re-courses do they have, if any at this point? A gag order? I can't wrap my brain around it!

LynnJuly 7, 2015

When I was a teenager the blacks wanted to come into this restaurant and the owners didn't want them to. The gov't told them they had to serve them. Ok. They went in and ordered a 15-cent grill cheese sandwich. When they got the bill, it was for $5.75. they paid and left and never went back again. The blacks won; the restaurant won. Your cake has a secret ingredient and when the colonel and Coca-Cola reveal theirs then you will too. Regular cake $75; cake with the secret ingredient $300. On the other end of the spectrum, I believe it was Benjamin Franklin took a man to court and sued him for 3 cents. He said it was the principle of it. Stand for your rights. I am with you also.

barbJuly 7, 2015

I am SO with you guys ALL THE WAY!! Your whole situation has just made me livid - from the very beginning - and very very concerned about ALL our freedoms. Keep up the good fight Its just " too late in the game" for people who " believe" to keep sitting on the fence WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR OUR BELIEFS NO MATTER WHAT... Good luck to you and I agree "That must have been one heck of a cake" to have caused so much damage to poor fragile puny small egos! Unbelievable!!

RandallJuly 7, 2015

Ask one thousand people "What are the 1st three words in the Constitution?" will 10% be able to answer? WE THE PEOPLE .... are the source of the supreme law in the land. The Supreme Court is our ultimate judge of what is "Constitutional" but 9 men or women are not assumed to be a perfect judge. I look at it like I hired a head chef to prepare and cook my daily nourishment. It would be stupid to think such a move prevents me from eating food from any other source. If enough of us independent and free thinking people (ie WE THE PEOPLE" don't like what is being put down on the plate for our political consumption, we are the ones to blame for not changing the chef and the rules of the diner table. I for one refuse to eat the crap they are serving up out of Washington.

CarolineJuly 7, 2015

I am in complete sympathy with the Kleins, so much so that I previously made a donation for their defense. This is such a can of worms, though, because they actually did break Oregon law. Unfortunately this infraction is being met with cruel and unusual punishment, and our laws IMHO should have some kind of provision for true conscientous objection-- not prejudice, not bigotry-- but genuine holding to one 's beliefs.

RichardJuly 7, 2015

Hind sight is always 20/20, but a one solution to deflect those who wish to test our resolve to live according to conscience would be a "soft answer" to "turn away wrath." It might have been something like this: " I could bake a cake for your ceremony but you should know that my firmly held religious belief conflicts with what you want to do. My heart just would not be in it. Forcing someone to do something against his will does not bring out the best artistic work."

Clarissa SmithJuly 7, 2015

Thank you Kleins, for remaining true to your principles.



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