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June 29, 2022
June 29, 2022

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Jennifer MackleyApril 1, 2017

In Volume 7, page 369 of his journal, Wilford Woodruff recorded that a total of 5 men were ordained High Priests: two on August 22, one on August 23, and two on August 24. "22 WW Ordained 2 High Priest for George Washington and John Wesley, and 4 Elders." "23 W Woodruff ordained Brother Ellis Sanders a High Priest for Benjamin Franklin and got Endowments for him, also ordained 6 Elders." "24 W Woodruff Ordained 2 High Priest One for Christopher Columbus. Although Wilford does not record Horatio Nelson’s name in his journal, the temple record indicates James Godson Bleak acted as proxy and Wilford ordained him a High Priest on behalf of Horatio Nelson: So the five who were ordained high priests by proxy were: George Washington, John Wesley, Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Columbus, and Horatio Nelson.

Diane MertenJuly 3, 2015

I enjoyed the article, but would offer this one notation: the only signer of the Declaration of Independence who signed in July, and on the 4th, was John Hancock. The other 55 men who signed did not sign until August 2, 1776.

Jorge HernandezJuly 3, 2015

I really appreciate all those brave people that signed our Independence declaretion to the world . I can feel now in my heart that all of them were inspired by the Only Begotten Son of our Heavenly Father as well as our modern apposite signed the proclamation and their Testimony of the true Gospel of The Savior Jesus Chris. Thank you for sharing this remarkable event.

Ken LindseyJuly 3, 2015

WOW! As a retread Mormon, I'm constantly amazed at the things I don't know and am now learning about church history. What a timely artical this is. Due to the President of the Wickiup Arizona branch of the church making what is assumed to be a questionable judgement, I am trusted to teach in Sunday school. This artical will be incorporated into the lesson this Sunday. I'm so thankfull to be back and involved in the work of my Heavenly Father. Thank you for making this information availiable to us "slow learners".

David ParryJuly 3, 2015

I have always been moved by the baptism of the Signers and at one time became aware that others were also baptized. My recollection includes Christopher Columbus and Charles Wesley. I think I also remember that several were ordained high priests while most were ordained elders. Does any one have a source for this extra info?



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