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September 29, 2022

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Michael ChopinJuly 2, 2015

Well isn't that interesting...gays win the right to marry based on equal protection, but people with dissenting opinions right to free speech have their rights quashed? Go figure. Everyone claims it is their "religious liberty" but this grouping and classifying liberties to fit specific groups has to stop! All liberty has at its origin religion...there is no doubt about it. Therefore, liberty NEVER applies to a group but only to each individual. When groups start gaining liberties by taking away the rights of the individual, watch out! Paddle like hell toward the shore because there is a huge waterfall up ahead folks! My individual liberty gives me the right to say just exactly whatever I want, and I welcome others the same right. Publications that refuse to print dissenting opinions are only revealing their true colors and their alliance with the son who would make the children return rather than let them choose. I have been accused of being bigoted by simply having a reasonable dissenting opinion to this issue. In reality, they are trying to gain equality through non-reciprocity and that is a most uniquely bigoted concept. Just goes to show how often what one accuses another of they are guilty of themselves as they try to project it onto someone else.

Lois MiddletonJuly 2, 2015

Guess what is taking place in Montana?? In todays' paper - a polygamous marriage!! Look who has opened the door!!

Jan HyattJuly 2, 2015

What we are seeing is heterophobia. The people in the LGBT movement have become militant in demanding rights and taking those rights away from others. They are discriminatory to the people who stand for the Christian-Judeo beliefs that have in place since America was founded . I am trying to be loving to all people regardless of their choices--yes choices. Do you think 100% of the men in Sodom were born with same sex attraction? We must remember to love our enemies but they make it difficult.



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