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December 5, 2020

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MikeAugust 11, 2015

11. Understand that the list of things that we don't do, but are legal, has increased by one. Then continue living your life as usual.

billyJuly 2, 2015

I agree completely. I am especially happy to see the admonition to focus on family history. Although it may not seem directly relevant to the discussion, I found that my family history and temple work helped me overcome a particularly dark time in my life. I could not help but believe that Satan hated it when I did the research and work necessary to remove people from his power.

Joshua at the WallJune 30, 2015

I'm sitting here looking out my office window. I can see all of the Salt Lake Valley from here. I see wealth and excess on one side. I can see poverty on the other: the need, the lack of access to medical treatment, the lack of educational options. Has it become so easy to forget the lesson of the Book of Mormon? It had nothing to do with gay anything. The warning was about pride and selfishly clinging to material goods instead of giving to those in need. Does our nation need to repent? Do we as a people need to make changes. You betcha. So why are we ignoring the important issue but giving so much attention to the sins of others? Maybe changing is so scary that it's easier to pacify ourselves with pointing fingers and to deceive ourselves into thinking that we are righteous because 'at least we aren't gay.' The sin lies with us. If we are visited with destruction, it won't be because a few gay people get married. It will because we have embraced the same lifestyle of the Nephites during the height or their pride and wickedness. Because we waste and squander and cling to our nice homes and our beautiful yards and our nice cars and our investment portfolios and our nice clothes and all of our precious things. It's time to deal with the beam. Maybe now that marriage equality is the law of the land, we can take a deep breath and start focusing on the beam in our eye.

AllenJune 30, 2015

I don't think that Rush Limbaugh was overstating the possible consequences today (June 29) when he said that LGBT couples have probably already gone to pastors and ministers to ask them to perform a religious wedding for them and after being refused, gone straight to their lawyers to start the lawsuits in motion. There will be "gay Mormons" who will do the same thing to us. By the way, it is impossible to be an active gay person and also be a Latter Day Saint. Those moral relativists who think so are living in a dream world where the Word of God can be pushed aside for what makes them feel good. It is possible for a gay person to self identify as "Mormon" but that does not make them a Saint any more than my coworkers who claim to be Mormon while at the same time planning a barbeque where they intend to drink beer until they can't stand up. I suppose that in reality, being a Latter Day Saint has gotten to be very different from being "Mormon".

Robert Killian, MD/MPHJune 29, 2015

I am happy to feel a positive spin on this article given how derisive it often feels to be a gay Mormon. I would add to this list that we all self reflect on the real problems our families face which is adultery, dishonesty, divorce, abuse, lack of educational opportunities, unrighteous dominion, and neglect. Nowhere on the list of real problems affecting the family is the attempt for LGBT humans to seek equality in our communities. All of us deserve the right to life, love, and family. All of us.

Gordon HudsonJune 29, 2015

While I agree that we should all be loving and kind to everyone, we also should not deny the fact the good is becoming evil and evil is becoming good. Prophecy tells us we are on a moral downward spiral and recognizing that will help us in our personal and families preparation for the future. The Book of Mormon example of the Pride cycle is alive and well in today's society.

Jim KinseyJune 29, 2015

I see that even amidst the fold there are wolves lurking about ready to accept that which is easiest. Christ taught us to be meek, teachable and humble, but He did not teach us to be so stupid as to think that rules of mortality will ever change. How many cheeks must we turn until someone stands up for what is right? I think of the examples of the sons of Helaman, Captain Moroni, ("Oh, that all men were like Captain Moroni, the very gates of Hell would tremble", Christ himself when he cleansed the temple. How about our founding fathers who have been blessed and sanctified by the Lord? Where are the leaders like Heber J Grant and Brigham Young who would not back down and be politically correct. Where are the likes of Porter Rockwell, Lot Smith and Bill Hickman? Our country has become morally bankrupt and will continue on a downward spiral until apathy and political correctness is recognized for what it is: tools of Satan. Wake up people, one of those ten or more things we should be doing is denouncing at the top of our voices the evil that has become our government. What is it our national anthem says, "Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just" ? Well, what can be more just than preserving this nation that was founded by the choicest me God could find at that time and taking back control of the government. To quote Shakespeare, "Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take up arms against a sea of troubles and by oppression, end them. " We are not a Republic, nor a Democracy, we are a nation of sheep. And if we don't do something to turn this around we will be shorn.

ThomasJune 29, 2015

I do agree with and support all 10 items. You seem to be rational and of sound mind, but the calling it the darkest day is too strong brother. I am on your side and I have put myself out there against it and I have been treated like a bigot, but I don't agree with calling it the darkest day. It is one of the first things people see and it is unnecessary and will automatically shut down people who may otherwise be able to learn from what you wrote. I humbly ask you reword the opening so you can reach more people, but if your convinced that it is a fair statement then 'you do you' man.

AnneJune 29, 2015

I have a slightly different perspective to share. God as our parent sees the potential of all of us to overcome the earthly temptations that we face every day, to make the correct choices that would gain us eternal life in the Celestial Kingdom. He gives us laws to obey, hoping that we will choose to follow them rather than be pulled to abandon the path that leads us there. Think in terms of yourself as a parent. You want the best for your child: the best education, a rewarding job, a loving eternal mate and family. Do our children always follow our choices for them? No, they have free will and often will chose what is detrimental to their future. God knows that most of his children will probably not make it to the highest kingdom which is why there are other kingdoms that will be there for them. Does that make him stop telling us what is the correct path? No. Does he stop loving us when we disobey? No. Just as we never give up on our children, he never gives up hoping we will change and turn back to the path he has prepared to bring us to him. All of the events going on in today's world have already been fortold and warned about. Those celebrating gay marriage are those who have chosen to settle for a lesser eternal reward. They want to have their rewards now rather than see they are facing personal challenges God gives ALL of us to overcome, to make us worthy of what he has in store for those who sacrifice the easy way in favor of eternal happiness. Why do some prefer partner of the same sex? I don't know, but God does. We are all weak in different areas and may not be happy about we have to deny ourselves now. But life IS short; eternity is not. I hope I have been able to explain that there is not hatred of those who are homesexuals. Just a plea to see that we all need to have a vision of eternity not just of the here and now.

Scott AJune 29, 2015

I think most that have read this article are in the camp that the line for marriage should remain where it has been - between 1 man and 1 woman. I am in that camp and comfortable with that position. The Supreme Court has moved that line. My question for the "line movers" is this: Where will you allow that line to be moved in the future? Using the mantra that "people should be able to love whomever they want" or "marriage equality": Are you ok with the line being moved to allow a 60 year old man to marry an 8 year old boy? Are you ok with the line being moved to allow a woman to marry her father? Are you ok with the line being moved to allow 2 teenage brothers to marry each other? Are you ok with the line being moved to allow a woman to marry 2 men and 2 women? Are you ok with the line being moved to allow a man to marry a goat? Are you ok with the line being moved to allow a woman to marry a spoon? I could go on. I don't expect any "line movers" to respond to these questions because I don't think they have thought this through. Once they think it through they are stuck.

CharlieBrown2292June 29, 2015

I know from personal experience that Scot is a man of great faith and moral integrity, whose only desire is to serve God and bring good into the lives of others. For those who consider his opening statement exaggerated, I would like to suggest that the June 26 Supreme Court decision may well be for society what getting irradiated is to an individual: painless to begin with, but devastating in its long-term effects. Liberal measures that disregard the sanctity of sex and marriage will cause families to fall apart at even greater rates. Generations of children will thus be deprived of their "Right" to be raised by a father and mother committed to each-other until "death doth them part." Latter-Day Saints who support same-sex marriage may want to take additional time to prayerfully study the scriptures and teachings of modern Prophets and Apostles, before taking the risk to put their spiritual life in jeopardy, regardless of whether they can maintain their membership in the Church or not.

Yolanda KlinglerJune 28, 2015

Thank you! I appreciate your list of positive suggestions. And thank you for saying, "Never forget that this is a covenant land and that Jesus Christ is the God of this land." I wish I had your words earlier today when my facebook friend posted a vile video defaming our great nation, and then further stated that America's greatness is a lie and that those who call America great are simply full of pride. America's greatness is due to being a covenant land under the direction of Jesus Christ. I appreciate the way you worded this truth. I wish my friend would read this article.

Ken PrigmoreJune 28, 2015

Love the sinner, not the sin. Jesus was eating with "those that need a physician" meaning they were sick. He loved each of them, and gave his life for them, so that they could repent of their sins and return to Him. He told the Pharisees "he who is without sin, cast the first stone". As we all are imperfect, we stopped stoning someone who commits significant life changing sins. BUT, Jesus then turned to the woman and told her "sin no more". He did not say I love you, do whatever you like. Jesus did not, and still does not approve of sin. Prophets continue to teach that homosexual relations are sin. That means Jesus does not want them to have those relations, whether under the law or not. The only reason we get commandments is to help us avoid pain and sadness. Please listen to the prophets! They aren't just wise men! If we decide we know better than they do, we will be lost. Please re-read Lehi's dream. If you don't hearken to the prophet, and find yourself aligning with the world's views, you are in great danger!

Robert SlavenJune 28, 2015

This is hardly a "dark day", compared to Dec. 6, 1941, or Sept. 11, 2001, or April 12, 1861, or April 14, 1865. I have 3 suggestions instead of your 10: 1. Love one another. 2. Take all the money and energy that was going against this, and instead direct it towards helping the poor and needy. 3. Take a hint from that old English poster; Keep Calm and Carry On.

Cosette Johnson BlanchardJune 28, 2015

I agree with a lot of what you said, however, I disagree with a lot of what you said, but I will choose kindness in my comment! You did not mention whether you had any family members that were LGBTQ, that would have been a helpful reference! I am an Active Lifelong Mormon Mother of 3 children, I have 2 Gay Children, and 1 Hetero Child on a Mormon Mission! Heavenly Father blessed me with ALL my Children! I love, accept, support and fiercely protect ALL my Children! I have received personal revelation that Heavenly Father knows and loves ALL of my Children! The scriptures, the Prophets and Jesus Christ have taught more on LOVE and Agency than anything else! That's why our Family will Choose to LOVE and allow others their Agency! We will leave the Judging to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ!

BrianJune 28, 2015

You must not be very familiar with the nation's history to write that opening sentence. Really?

Raman JobJune 28, 2015

Let's remember this council from Elder Oaks on this specific matter in the October 2014 General Conference: The free exercise of religion covers most public actions, but it is subject to qualifications necessary to accommodate the beliefs and practices of others. Laws can prohibit behavior that is generally recognized as wrong or unacceptable, like sexual exploitation, violence, or terrorist behavior, even when done by extremists in the name of religion. Less grievous behaviors, even though unacceptable to some believers, may simply need to be endured if legalized by what a Book of Mormon prophet called “the voice of the people” (Mosiah 29:26).

MichelleJune 28, 2015

You forgot to instruct the members to study church history and take comfort in the facts of the foundation of our religion... ;-)

Wes WilliamsJune 28, 2015

Remember the church opposes the drinking of coffee and alcohol. It opposes smoking cigarettes. According to church doctrine sin is sin - so if it is believed that one is sin (same sex marriage) and the others are sin (WofW) then it is all sin. YET the church does not try to change the law regarding the WofW items (well, maybe in Utah) so why all the uproar over this. Furthermore, even the church has declared it is okay for members to support same-sex marriage via their social media pages. See:

Taylor GilesJune 28, 2015

As an active, believing Mormon, I wish that every penny spent fighting this was used to purchase meals for the hungry, medicine for the sick and homes for the homeless. I think our Father will care much more about how we treat the "least among us". Also, just over 100 years ago, our direct ancestors would have had a VERY different definition of marriage, so let's not be too quick to say that God's definition will not change. What is revelation if not change?

Cathy JJune 28, 2015

I read the entire article word for word and I agree with it 100%. Excellent counsel and inclusion of counsel of prophets and apostles as well. If being kind to others while defending my beliefs, with compassion, fighting for religious freedom and liberty, upholding marriage as only between a man and a woman, doing my family's geneology and reading my scriptures daily etc. is wrong, then I will continue to be wrong. However I see them as being right! I guess I just do not see where the argument is, unless of course you stand on the opposite side, which is also your right and then we will just have to agree to disagree.

Denna RobertsonJune 28, 2015

Thank you for this wonderful article. It helps me to focus with clarity on my hope for a better future in Christ for this country . I take great encouragement that as I follow these steps recommended I will find peace in an ever troubling world.

Robert ChristopulosJune 28, 2015

Though I'm not LDS, I find that most of these are very solid factors in reclaiming our society. Thank you for the positive stand for faith, ethics, and morality.

Anthony KrandisJune 28, 2015

I am also an active member of the church and I was very sad to see the words "one of the darkest days in our nation's history" in the intro. Really? Are you putting this on par with major disasters, wars, massacres, terrorist attacks, etc.? Many of the points in your article are positive and good, but the intro completely turned me off to them. Please consider rewording the introduction.

Troy AlldredgeJune 28, 2015

Love the article but if you quote scripture make sure you quote it correctly!

Rebecca BalinskiJune 28, 2015

Wow, thank you for writing this wonderful piece! This needs to be shared. Truth is truth, no matter how many disagree with it.

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An expat mom in the middle-eastJune 27, 2015

Thank you. This is a beautiful compilation of active ways we can put on the whole armor of God to protect ourselves spiritually to what is coming.

Jeff LJune 27, 2015

Eleven. Use this as an opportunity to reevaluate your feelings on this topic. Put yourself in the shoes of those who will benefit from this decision. Be grateful that millions of your brothers and sisters no longer have to hide in fear, feign affection, enter into loveless marriages, or break the hearts of their families by embracing what they sincerely feel is the best path for them in life. Be courageous in showing love and support for others, even if you can't empathize with every aspect of who they are. Refuse to live in fear that society is somehow crumbling. Listen to those you attribute wisdom to, yes, but never let that overshadow the things you see, hear, and feel in the world around you and in your own sense of conscience. Love without caveats or conditions. Just as millions of your brothers and sisters are now closer to being able to do.

David EatonJune 27, 2015

While you definitely have the right to your opinion and the right to express the same, I feel you perhaps are not looking at the bigger picture. For the moment disregard the ruling of the court and look at what & how the court did it. Can you honestly tell me that you are ok with the fact the the highest court in the nation broke and-or ignored the law of the land? While you were busy with this issue, did you give the "flag" issue any thought? It is all tied must keep an eye on the big picture...

celestaJune 27, 2015

Thank you so much for your insightful and encouraging article.

matJune 27, 2015

For so many, June 12, 1967 is one of the darkest days of our nation’s history. In a narrow 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has legalized inter-racial marriage, ignoring the voices of more than 50 million citizens who, through the democratic process, had voted otherwise. Even the Church and scriptures declare this act to be an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. Now what do we do? Here are 10 suggestions.

m a rtJune 27, 2015

I guess I'm just confused as to why you are bothering to even promote activism in the political system, when you clearly disregard the same exact system. You first stated that even though same sex marriage is now legal, you regard it as anything but. The church doctrine has not and will not change, (blatantly false, BTW) so you discount the new law of the land as false; because it doesn't fit your personal narrative. Should we follow the same guidelines you are promoting, in regards to racial discrimination, women equality, religious freedom, gun rights, taxes, etc.? Just because you disagree, doesn't make them not lawful. And if you don't care what the law says, why try to get others active in the process. The only laws that you seem to support are those you think are right. That's not hour it works

RosieJune 27, 2015

Excellent article & glad to have it to share it with my Christian friends who are also concerned. Thanks!

TEJune 27, 2015

....yawn. I agree with Michael. I'm active LDS as well, and this is just not a big deal. The world isn't ending, people. Love one another!! D&C 134: 4 We believe that religion is instituted of God; and that men are amenable to him, and to him only, for the exercise of it, unless their religious opinions prompt them to infringe upon the rights and liberties of others shouldn't we Mormons be leading the outcry about global poverty, the plight of the poor, and so many other real problems? Oh, right. We spend our time worrying about covering up 'porn shoulders' and listening to extreme right wing radio and talk show hosts. .....sheesh

Tracey CarpenterJune 27, 2015

Beautifully written. Thank you!

HarperJune 27, 2015

10 things you can do in the face of anything: 1. Love one another. 2. Love one another. 3. Love one another. 4. Love one another. 5. Love one another. 6. Love one another. 7. Love one another. 8. Love one another. 9. Love one another. 10. Love one another. "By this shall men know, ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." ~Jesus the Savior of the World.

John BradleyJune 27, 2015

I agree with Michael and am also active LDS. In fact, it's good that homosexuals have the right to marry now. Forcing people to follow our religious laws seems strikingly similar to a certain someone's plan.

Wendy KaczmarJune 27, 2015

Thank you for this article. I found each of these points to be spot on and needed some of the reminders. I appreciate you starting off with the first point the way you did. People are very passionate about the marriage topic on both sides, we need to remember to always show love and kindness.

CarolineJune 27, 2015

Oh my dear Brother Michael. If Lehi's dream featured a great and spacious building lit up in rainbow colors would you then see that prophecy is unfolding before our eyes and that all is not well in Zion?

MarjohnaJune 27, 2015

I stand with the Lord. Thank you for your ideas of how to do that. Any one who thinks that they can make peace with evil is undermining his Peace with the Lord. When the Lord prohibits a behavior and calls it an abomination, it is not an arbitrary command. It is because there are severe consequences to the behavior and it is important that we warn people whether they want to hear it or not.

Jarom HarrisJune 27, 2015

Thank you so much for this. It really helps!

Michael ChopinJune 27, 2015

As far as their due process and equal protection argument for same-sex marriage, they cannot possibly use the fourteenth amendment to justify it since you would have to lessen the value of heterosexual marriage in order to bring it down to a level to be on par with same-sex unions. Don't let them fool you: they are not raising same-sex unions to be equal with heterosexual marriage but rather lowering heterosexual marriage to be equal with same-sex unions which they now want to call marriage. How is this fair to heterosexual married couples? Where is the due process and equal protection of the fourteenth amendment for them? They also have beliefs that require due process and equal protection, but this decision basically says that those beliefs must not be given due process and equal protection but rather sacrificed in order that the standard for marriage should be lowered to include same-sex unions.

Fred OrtizJune 27, 2015

Thank you for these information Scott, it is very helpful, I am with you 100% too, do you have or you know if it will be available in another languages? that would be very helpful for another ones who lives in America and still struggling with the language, if you need help, I am able to translate in Spanish, Thank You again and have a wonderful night

Michael MitchellJune 27, 2015

I'm active LDS and I completely disagree. And quoting Rush Limbaugh is preposterous. The sky is not falling. The sanctity of my marriage is sound. You are overstating much!

Janice Kapp PerryJune 27, 2015

Thanks for these great observations Scott--I'm with you 100%.



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