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February 21, 2024

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sueJune 28, 2015

Actually, there were three little known case laws between 1803 and 1936, that gave the Supreme Court absolute power to pass anything they want to whether it is in sinc with the original intent of the Constitution. They have power over the State Supreme Courts, and they answer to no one. What they did is actually legal> In 1913, Wilson passed the 17th Amendment that created a loss in our checks and balances. To understand the entire situation better, read "1913," by Oliver DeMille. He explains it all in great detail.

sueJune 28, 2015

Between 1803 and 1936, there were several cases that actually gave the Supreme Court the right to do what ever they want, whether or not it is in sinc with the original intent of the Constitution. They also gained power over the State Supreme Courts. What they did was actually legal- unfortunately. These cases are little known, but if you read "1913," by Oliver DeMille, he explains the entire matter, including how we lost our checks and balances due to the passage of the 17th Amendment by Wilson. The entire matter makes me sick, but they do have the power to do whatever they want. And no one can stop them. It will take a revolution. Pres. Benson said that in order to retain our freedom in the future, there may be lost blood, but when the Savior returns, the US Flag will be flying over this land.

NealJune 28, 2015

I have been continuously involved in the preservation and protection of the Second Amendment to the Constitution for the last fifty years. This important amendment is the teeth in the Constitution and second only to freedom of speech and religion; if it falls, so falls the Constitution. I have long believed that this United States will have to undergo a second violent revolution, and that this second revolution will be started by our government attempting to disarm the American people, which was what started the first revolution.

Pattie SkousenJune 26, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed Mike Lee's book "Our Lost Constitution." I appreciate his candor and his great knowledge about the constitution and those who have stepped on it and have made a tremendous mess of it. He also suggested ways for us to help get it back on track and to be Constitutionalists. I didn't realize the sneaky, underhanded things that went on behind closed doors that takes us closer and closer to socialism. It makes me sad for their reckless actions and how it hurts our society today and in the future. Now we stand at the beginning of the cross-roads with the Supreme Court ruling about Gay Marriage and today's ruling to give Obama Care even more credence. Now the Supreme Court wants to write the laws!!! They haven't the right to write the laws. We the people need to stand up and make our voices heard. We want our Constitutional rights.

Lisa PowellJune 26, 2015

Thanks for the article. After the Supreme Court ruling today I am not holding out much hope for our United States of America.

Mike MansfieldJune 26, 2015

I much appreciate your sharing this with us. I know Senator Lee to be a conscientious, capable, caring and optimistic man. I am glad for his optimism that it can be turned around by following the counsel of such wise men as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. As John Adams indicated: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” In other words, if we don't begin viewing our role as Covenant people, living upon a Promised Land, and begin to keep the Commandments of God and worship the God of this Land - Jesus Christ - we will not be able to keep the strings attached. I agree that we can still repent, but only after we, as a people, are fully aware of what we need to repent from by recognizing the sins that are bringing these destructive forces into play. Truly, we need to be blessed by God.

sueJune 26, 2015

I meant to add that the DeMilles are LDS, and understand the role we, as church members, have to play in this nation. They have dedicated their lives to teaching the principles of freedom, and training families who will become scholars of freedom and the Constitution and ready to do whatever is necessary to re-institute the principles upon which our Nation was founded.

sueJune 26, 2015

There are many of us who are concerned. I am taking a 20 month course on freedom and the Constitution, on FB, from Oliver DeMille, who is considered to be the most knowledgeable person in the country on freedom, the classics, and the Constitution.I will add this book to my list, and at the moment am reading Montesquieu's The Spirit of Laws for this class. For anyone interested, please google Oliver DeMille, as well as The Center for Social Justice. His books and writings are highly pertinent for training people to become knowledgeable leaders. I highly recommend all of his books, and especially his newest book, "The US Constitution and the 196 Indispensibale Principles of Freedom." 3% of our people, who are highly educated in what the Founder's knew, can turn things around. Please join us.



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