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August 6, 2020

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KathyJune 27, 2015

Thanks for the reminder on perspective. When I remember to see my trials through the eternal lens, rather, than earthly, I have great reason to rejoice. With earthly lens, it is indeed bleak. Our daughter came home from college, with the beginning of a mental illness that has only gotten worse over the last ten years. She suffers so much with personality disorder , despite her efforts and ours. God is aware, though, and only our faith in His wisdom, and His tender mercies, keeps us going. We must not lose hope and we must lift one another by sharing our faith always.

Sharon GaussJune 25, 2015

We always have a choice when we remember... Sacrament words of the covenant to always remember Yet the hardest thing is to stay focus with all the distractions we encounter unless we live in the wilderness... I am sure many were on a role and somewhere veer off course again... The Lord has given us simple tools or ways to hold on to the rod, but for some reason many of us some how lose the connection, the Lord is so patient with us and we start a new and each time I feel we get stronger and wiser. I really appreciate articles like this we are not alone and most of all, a sincere heart need not waste time in being disappointed in our selves, use those feelings to return to the light, exercise our daily prayer, reading allowing the Holy Spirit to edify... The world taught many to berated themselves but we must stay elevated so we can receive instructions from our Lord.

BettyJune 25, 2015

Great article. It is also important to remember that during an illness medication can cause negative and depressing feelings that can be confused with reality. Those feelings are temporary and false, while gratitude, optimism and spiritual growth are eternal.

DanJune 25, 2015

Your article hit a nerve with me. (In a good way). I needed it. Thanks!

Coleen GoreeJune 25, 2015

This reminds me of June's visiting teaching message; " Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly." I was told many times in the past, "It's a choice. You can choose to be sick and miserable or just sick." I'm not sick but even those suffering from social ills need to focus on this great life we're given and what our choices are. Thanks for a great article.

SusanJune 25, 2015

WoW! I NEEDED that today! Thanks! I need to stop whining! I can do better!

SheriJune 25, 2015

This is such a great article! I believe in the power if thoughts more and more. The world would have you believe differently and might even find this offensive. I love the accountability this places on each of us. We are here to make choices, so be happy!



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